Digital integration promotes new industrialization

In 2023, digital technologies represented by 5G, artificial intelligence, big data, and industrial
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2024-02-06 02:10

Holding the Sports Ice and Snow Games of the Disabled Persons

 Transfer: Shijiazhuang Daily The newspaper (Reporter Wang Jing) The eighth Shijiazh
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2024-02-06 02:09

Sports • π Fitness Club "Running" Consumer Council supports consumers to collectively sue rights protection

Chinese Consumer Report(reporterLiu Wenxin) In July of this year, the Yaibei District Movement of C
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2024-02-06 02:07

OPEC's most afraid of things is here!This African country announced his withdrawal from the organization ...

 This article comes
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2024-02-06 01:05

Hongqiao Perspective 丨 "Carry out international standard cooperation to promote the global market prosperity" sub -forum Review Release Date: January 02, 2024 Source: China International Import Expo B

 On November 6, 2023,
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2024-02-06 00:57

(International) Chinese Representative: It is necessary

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2024-02-06 00:52

Sports and leisure is at the doorstep of the house, Wuhan is focusing on building a "12 -minute fitness circle"

 On December 7, the Wisdom Sports Park officially opened in the good time.Liu Lin, a citizen who
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2024-02-06 00:36

The beautiful climbing climbing on the new route of the 9000 -foot north wall of the United States in the United States

 The team on the top of Jia Nufeng.(Source: Jackson Mavier) Jannu, also known as Ku
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2024-02-06 00:10

Tianjin's sound work mechanism is to find a focus on promoting the normalization of the political supervision of state -owned enterprises

& emsp; & emsp; Tianjin Discipline Inspection Commission's Discipline Inspection and Supervision Te
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2024-02-06 00:09

Hebei Institute of Sports Institute in 2024 guarantees the admission of outstanding athletes enrollment for admission

According to the "Notice of the General Office of the General Administration of Sports on doin
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2024-02-05 23:57

To create a high -quality sports and leisure space, Sanlin Town has further promoted the construction of the "15 -minute community sports living circle"

 Recently, with the determination of the Municipal Sports Bureau, the Sanlin To
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2024-02-05 23:53

Ranking of the Spring College Entrance Examination Training Institution in Zhangqiu District, Jinan_ [Summary of List] (What are the differences between spring college entrance examination and summer

The ranking of the spring college entrance examination training institution of Zhangqiu District, J
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2024-02-05 23:49