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Lead the AI Future | Soft -China Power and Huawei Cloud and the establishment of the Thai AI Yunzhi Community
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2024-02-21 10:46:00Lead the AI Future | Soft -China Power and Huawei Cloud and the establishment of the Thai AI Yunzhi Community

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Beijing, December 20, 2023/ PRNewswire/ - On December 18th, Huawei Yuntai's first AI theme summit w

  Beijing,hot topic website December 20, 2023/ PRNewswire/ - On December 18th, Huawei Yuntai's first AI theme summit with the theme of "Leading AI" was held in Bangkok.Developers and other thousands of people attended the meeting, around the three direction frameworks of "AI for Thailand", "AI for Industry" and "AI for Ecosystem", focusing on how to accelerate the development of the AI industry and how to build AI Hub, how to bring Huawei Yunpan Gu Gu Da Da model3.0 combined with the application of key industries, as well as how to prosper the local AI ecology.As an important partner of Huawei and a strategic partner of Huawei Cloud Tongzhou, Soft and Power joined hands with Huawei Cloud and many partners to jointly establish the Thai AI Yunzhi Community, and published it as a Chinese -funded partner in Thailand to publish the "Hugging Huawei Cloud AI Cloud Service, Soft Power Power,Professional services to help enterprises' intelligentization "keynote speech.



Huang Ying (fourth from left), director of Softstone Power, attended the establishment ceremony of the Thailand's AI Yunzhi Community

  Since last year, the rapid development of a new generation of digital technology represented by AIGC has brought unprecedented opportunities to the fourth industrial revolution. Human beings have moved from the AI 1.0 era to the 2.0 era.First, it has accelerated the upgrading of various industries from digital to intelligent, and drove the new direction of various industries and run out of acceleration.At the meeting, Huawei joined hands with the Thai Digital Economy and Social Affairs Department (MDES), the digital economy promotion agency (DEPA), Julalongken and other universities, AI associations, enterprises and partners to establish the Thai AI Yunzhi community to jointly accelerate ThailandThe development of the AI industry has promoted AI technology exchanges and cooperation, enhances Thailand's position in the global AI field, and opened a new chapter in Thailand's AI industry cooperation.


  Huang Ying, director of Softstan Power, said in exchanges with the Thai government personnel. As the leading software and information technology service providers in China, Softstan Power has become an important in Huawei in terms of consulting, professional services, solutions, and talent training.Partner, Huawei Yun, a strategic partner, and Huawei jointly expand at home and abroad markets with Huawei.Thanks to the Thai government for their attention and support for digital construction, and thank Huawei for their collaborative cooperation, so that the soft -powered power has the opportunity to take root in Thailand and serve local customers.EssenceThe Thai government officials expressed their affirmation and promised to vigorously assist Chinese partners to land on Thailand to create a better future.

  Upgrade the AI strategy, join hands with Huawei Yunyin to lead AI in the future

  As a leading company in digital technology service in China, as well as corporate digital transformation and trustworthy partners, the soft power has followed the trend of the development of the new generation of digital technology, comprehensively upgraded the AI strategy, and accelerated the construction of "computing power, algorithm, and data" three -in -one hard technology innovationEcology and professional AI service capabilities with AI consulting, AI model development, AI data governance and security, and AI computing center operations as the core.Specifically, Softstan Power hired Lu Zhiwu, a professor and doctoral tutor of the High School School of High School of China as the chief AI scientist; and a comprehensive cooperation with Kunpeng calculation & Huawei AI calculation;"Integrated platform", and jointly launched a joint innovation with Huawei AI to deeply adapt to different AI application scenarios; released the "Soft -Power Tianxuan 2.0 MAAS Platform" to adapt to the mainstream manufacturer's basic model and open source foundation model, and to to the way, to the wayCustomers provide large modeling technology bases, support customers to develop and manage industry models and large models of application scenarios; jointly innovate with customers, and jointly develop smart property insurance, smart tanks, intelligent software development tests, intelligent legal case analysis and other AIGC -based based on AIGCIndustry and professional solutions.

  At the AI for Industry Sub -Forum at this conference, Huawei released solutions and applications of Pan Gu Da Da Da Da Da 3.0 and its applications in key industries such as government affairs, finance, and retail.Earlier at the Huawei Developer Conference 2023 (HDC.Cloud), the soft power has officially became the first partner of the Pangu Da model, and joined hands with the Pangu Da model to create a big model in the insurance industry;Dynamics has become a service partner of the Pangu Dapa model. Based on Huawei Yunpan Gu Da Model launched industry application solutions, promotes the transformation of automated productivity in enterprises, and helps enterprises achieve deeper digital transformation.

  Professional empowerment, intelligent development, and cooperate with Huawei Cloud to build a digital intelligence ecology

  As the leading cloud solution and technical service provider in China, with its firm cloud service strategy, rich industry experience accumulation, and strong cloud construction, operation and maintenance capabilities, the soft and psychological power has established a cloud consultation, cloud native development, and the development of clouds, and the development of clouds, and the development of the clouds, and the development of the clouds, and the development of the clouds.The end -to -end service capabilities including data intelligence, IoT integration, cloud management, cloud security, etc. have formed a complete service system of "1+3+N".Li Dujun, senior sales director of Softstone Power, talked in the keynote speech that "1" is the professional service of cloud, including cloud consulting, cloud migration, and cloud transportation capacity base;Plan; "n" refers to providing services for customers such as manufacturing, power, medical, education, insurance, banking, etc.



Li Dujun, senior sales director of Softstone Dynamics, delivered a keynote speech

  At the same time, Softstan Power and Huawei Cloud In -depth collaboration. Since becoming a strategic partner of Huawei Cloud in 2017, Softstone Power embraces Huawei Cloud in an all -round way.With innovative technologies such as Pan Gu Da's model as the base, cooperate with Huawei Cloud to build universal and industry solutions, promote product creation, service co -construction, and capacity joint construction;Ecological coexistence and win -win value.Under the framework of the new partner cooperation system, the soft power is competent for many important roles such as Huawei Cloud Consulting and Integrated Partners, Service Partners, Software Partners, Sales Partners, etc., and in business scale, capacity building, market influence, etc.Multiple dimensions have achieved bright results.For example, cooperation in the Kangaroo Mother Group's Airlines Project, Xinjiang Tianlai Animal Husbandry Project, COFCO COFCO Ecological Innovation Laboratory, and Meiyijia Chain Data Services and other projects have become a benchmark case for digital transformation in their respective industries.At the same time, Softstan Power has also been highly recognized from professional institutions and Huawei Cloud: it has won the MSP Excellent Certification of the Xintong Academy, becoming the first advanced cloud consulting and integration partner, and won the Huawei Cloud Ecological Contribution Award, Huawei Cloud Excellent Service Partner AwardNympho

  Accelerate the regional layout and actively open up international business

  Softstone is based on China and serves the global market.At present, nearly 100 branches and more than 20 global delivery centers in more than 40 cities around the world.In the first half of this year, Softstock Power officially established Singaporean companies to build an operation platform covering Southeast Asia and the Middle East business, supporting digital business expansion and delivery of Thailand, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Turkey and other countries.For example, in Singapore, Softstan Power further promotes the cooperation between Chinese cloud manufacturers and local operators. In Malaysia, the scale of the Softstone Dynamic Delivery Center has continued to expand.EssenceTaking the opportunity of the first AI theme summit of Huawei Cloud Thailand this time, the soft power power will accelerate the cooperation with Huawei Cloud's market in Thailand to jointly build a rich local ecological and industry practice, drive the jumper of Thai local industries, and promote the Thai digital economy.High -quality growth.

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