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Li Yinhe: Future Madness | Human Opinions of the AI era
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2024-02-21 10:32:26Li Yinhe: Future Madness | Human Opinions of the AI era

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Original Li Yinhe Economic ObserverThe emergence of this Utopia society is the mass of artificial i

Original Li Yinhe Economic Observer

The一刻资讯 emergence of this Utopia society is the mass of artificial intelligence that happened in 2023, and the large -scale replacement of human labor and knowledge acquisition mechanisms that were subsequently arrived.

Author: Li Yinhe

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Because of the appearance of ChatGPT, 2023 is destined to be a year worth remembering.The Economic Observation Daily has lock artificial intelligence at the end of the year.We invited representatives from all walks of life in Chinese society to talk about the AI world and their thoughts in their minds in a letter of letter.

They are entrepreneurs, investors, philosophers, sociologists, musicians, poets, writers, doctors, middle school principals, public welfare people, screenwriters, directors, actors, museum curators ...Human opinion.They either pessimistic or optimistic, or full of expectations or thoughts.However, we believe that there is no contest between pessimism and optimists, and sufficient and rich voices can help us understand everything that is happening.What's more, it is the imagination of those outstanding thinkers and actors for the future that largely determines our direction to a large extent.

Now, let's open the mailbox and start the future journey of thought.


2023 is the beginning of the history of human history. In that year, there was something called ChatGPT. This is an artificial intelligence software with learning function.It becomes omnipotent and omnipotent, and it can be among the best in all admission examinations, physician examinations, lawyers' examinations, accounting examinations, civil servants examinations and employment assessment in various industries, and then replace all of all these that originally needed for ten years.The knowledge and skills that can only be obtained can only be obtained, replacing the labor of all professionals in these occupations.

The process of this replacement is not too long, and in just decades, the lifestyle of human life becomes beyond recognition.A child born in 2050, his life trajectory is completely different from the child born in 2000.

Because everything that needs memory and recitation does not have to be learned, as long as you learn how to find these knowledge in artificial intelligence, including foreign languages, you can get it directly by artificial intelligence in the future.

Children's learning methods are very different from those in the past.When he is fed at home from breast milk to weaning, he can be sent to a school or boarding school according to the wishes of his parents.The school is not divided into grades, but there are many classes like the interest class in the school in the past. Those who like to learn to draw can draw class. Those who like to learn musical instruments will go to the instrument class.If you like to learn cooking, go to cook.Of course, there are also mathematical classes, physics classes, chemical classes, biological classes, literary classes, historical classes, and philosophy classes, so that children who are interested in these areas can appreciate the charm of these fields early.These are elective courses, not a required course.

The only courses required to require compulsory are only three doors, one is Chinese, the other is countless, and there is an artificial intelligence practical technology.Language classes require basic use of words and learning compositions; calculations require learning to increase, subtract,, multiply, remove and simple geometric principles; artificial intelligence practical lessons require children to learn to use artificial intelligence to achieve any goals set by themselves.

Since the school is not in grade, students can graduate at any age in the three -door compulsory course.Therefore, some children graduate at the age of 10, and some children who are not anxious to employment will not graduate until the age of 20.

The biggest change in social life is not in the educational model, but the employment model of people, because education is preparing for employment, the employment model has changed, and the education model has changed.Since all knowledge and skills involved memory and repeated labor are replaced by artificial intelligence, as long as the occupation of repeated labor does not require people to do it, this occupation has shrunk or even disappears.Those who need personally and need personal creativity. The most typical of which is the work of art, such as composition, painting, writing novels, singing, dancing, performing, etc. The cooking also overlap with art., Writing text, cooking ingredients, are to create pleasing personalized works.

After graduating from basic schools, young people choose to enter a certain college according to their personal wishes and preferences, and study a special technology for employment in a special industry.Various colleges have different standards and graduation assessment standards. Students' graduation diploma is the certificate they entered a certain industry.For example, cooking colleges, medical schools, nursing colleges, secretary colleges, driver colleges, aerospace college, genetic technology college, artificial intelligence college, etc.The academic system does not wait for one year to three years. Even the longest academic medical science has not needed to study so long, because a large number of diagnosis is made by artificial intelligence, so there is no need to rely on the experience of the doctor.There are more artificial operations for surgery, although many surgery has also been replaced by artificial intelligence robots.

Because many tasks are replaced by artificial intelligence, the per capita labor time has been greatly shortened.At the beginning, the work system began to be promoted every Thursday, just like the transition from the working system every Saturday and Sunday to the work system every Friday., People can go to the scenic area of the far suburbs to spend three days of Youyou Youyou.After a few years, the required workload was further reduced, and it transitioned to a five -hour work system every day every Thursday.People can go to work at the peak. After five hours of work, they go home to rest. Many units are working at home. They arrange five hours a day and four days a week.The whole society has realized the work system every Tuesday, and the rest are leisure time.Volunteer work exception: Many art workers, such as writers and painters, often abandoned sleep and forget to eat and eat eighty hours per week. It is because creation has become their way of lifestyle or pastime. They voluntarily like thisSpend your time and life and enjoy it.

Some people are carefully studying the plan to distribute basic living expenses, that is, everyone pays basic living expenses according to the head of the person to ensure that people do not work can also reach the minimum food and clothing state.And all the work in the society is done according to personal wishes and interests, out of the purpose of more remuneration and satisfaction.

But there are several seemingly difficult problems in this solution:

The first question is that if the basic living expenses are obtained, no one is willing to come out to work?The solution lies in the high salary of work.Although you can live only based on basic living expenses, there are no other consumption except food and clothing. For most people, you will still not be satisfied with.In addition to food and clothing, people have to entertain, travel, food, and male and female love.For these additional enjoyment, people will be willing to make a little money.This is just for people who do not have special hobbies and abilities. For those who have special interests and abilities for doing something, for those who enjoy the process of enjoying something instead of using it as a living as a resultFor people with means, coming out of work has become their voluntary choice.

The second question is that if everyone has basic living expenses, who is willing to do those difficult and dirty jobs?The solution is to float by the salary standard determined by the supply and demand relationship.If a job is difficult, heavy, dirty, or dangerous, no one is willing to do it, and someone must do this job, then the salary of certain types of employment is determined according to the degree of scarcity of manual scarcity.Standards make such tasks can recruit enough candidates.In fact, this is the status quo of those countries that are completely effective in the market economy principles: the salary of blue -collar workers is not much lower than the salary of white -collar workers, and some are even higher. For example, the salary of the sewer repair workers may be higher than the secretary.As long as the pay is reasonable, no one does not worry about the dangerous danger, everything is determined by the market price.

The third question is that if everyone has basic living expenses, who is willing to do those jobs that need to be trained for long -term training, such as dentist, new drug research and development, chip development and other work.The solution is still from the compensation standards determined by the supply and demand relationship.These skills that require long -term training to obtain should be paid with wages that match the scarcity of candidates in order to attract the corresponding candidates to do these tasks.The decisive factor is the "invisible hand" in the market supply and demand.

Because the material is great and artificial intelligence has replaced all the work with strong repetitive and mechanical properties, the basic operating rules of this society are: provide at least the minimum living conditions to meet the standards of food and clothproject.People who are unwilling to do other consumption can lie completely and do not have to work, in response to a new form of work opportunities that greatly reduce.This also makes unemployment no longer a social problem, because it will not cause survival crisis due to unemployment; people who are willing to do other consumption (Jinyi food, tourism, and consumers exceeding the standards beyond the standard of food and clothing) can enter a college in collegeSpecialized knowledge and technology has become a certain type of professionals, and do a professional work to get more or less paid in order to achieve these consumption.

The emergence of this Utopia society is the mass of artificial intelligence that happened in 2023, and the large -scale replacement of human labor and knowledge acquisition mechanisms that were subsequently arrived.

Li Yinhe

December 2023

(Author is a sociologist)

Original title: "Li Yinhe: Future Madness | Human Opinions in AI Age"

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