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People's Daily Online: Guizhou Channel: Foreign anchor Tiana: Let the world see colorful Guizhou
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2024-02-21 02:48:41People's Daily Online: Guizhou Channel: Foreign anchor Tiana: Let the world see colorful Guizhou

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"I have been in China for 7 years and have been deeply attracted to Guizhou. The scenery here 重大事件

"I have been in China for 7 years and have been deeply attracted to Guizhou. The scenery here is beautiful, the environment is good, and there are colorful national culture and taste." For Guizhou, the "post -95" Russian girl Tia TiaNa bluntly said that it was the second hometown.

Tiana has dreamed of coming to China since she was a child.In September 2017, she won the number of international exchange students and entered the School of International Education of Guizhou University to study Chinese.After graduating from undergraduate, Tiana chose to continue studying a master's degree in journalism at Guizhou University.

Natural scenery, historical culture, folk customs ... The colorful Guizhou made Tiana deeply fascinated. As a student of journalism, in addition to learning theoretical knowledge, she also likes to experience the promotion and publicity of Guizhou by personally.

"Hello everyone! Today I want to take you to check in Guizhou Anshun." In July last year, Tiana, who graduated nearly graduated, spoke fluent Chinese and took netizens to "travel" Guizhou.

"It's better to see it at first." Tiana said frankly that her impression of China was mostly described by others before coming to China.However, when she felt the huge changes in China in person, she found that it was very different.China's development is very fast, and the huge changes in Guizhou transportation are a good example.

During the 5 years in Guizhou, Tiana witnessed Guiyang's opening two subway lines.In addition, with the normalization of the China -Europe trains in Guizhou, the trade in Guizhou and Russia has become more frequent.

What makes Tia Na happy is that with the in -depth advancement of the "Belt and Road" construction, more "Made in China" is sold well Russia.Tiana bluntly stated that in Russia, many people like to use Chinese mobile phones and other smart products to drive Chinese cars.When she returned home in February this year, she found that the supermarket not only had mobile payment, but the school was also teaching Chinese.

"The joint construction of the 'Belt and Road' has strongly promoted interconnection and enhances the humanistic exchanges and civilizations of people along the line." Last year, Tiana's graduate papers were related to the construction of the "Belt and Road".

In addition to lamenting changes around, Tiana also found Guizhou, who is not often "exposed" on international websites, and has frequently seen the newspapers in recent years."Guizhou tourism is particularly fast." She told reporters that every time she saw relevant reports and beautiful scenery, she would click on the comment area to see it, and she was really proud of Guizhou.

Take the high -speed rail to experience the local customs in various places. About three or five friends to taste special food.In 7 years when he came to Guizhou, Tiana learned to "go to the countryside with the customs", and also developed "Guizhou stomach"."Sour soup fish, silk dolls, and beef powder are all my favorite." For her now, it is not fragrant enough.

Broadcasting news, shooting short videos, writing travel notes ... Today, Tiana has become an anchor of the Guizhou Daily International Communication Center as expected. In her text and lens, Guizhou's urban and rural areas are changing with each passing day.

"Due to work reasons, I often share videos and photos of Guizhou on the international platform, and I have gained a lot of likes and comments. I hope that through my publicity, more foreign friends can come to the beautiful Guizhou to enjoy the beautiful scenery and taste food."Ana said that she was willing to be a cultural communicationman and told more good Chinese stories and Guizhou stories to the world.

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