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Light+AI is very promising!
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2024-02-21 10:47:16Light+AI is very promising!

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Original title: Light+AI, there is a lot of promise!Double -eyed light cameraSingle structure optic

Original title: Light+AI,实时新闻 there is a lot of promise!

Double -eyed light camera

Single structure optical camera

3D industrial cameras of various models

Ballon light source, intelligent visual detection equipment


Entering the product exhibition hall of Zhongke Shake Boat Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shake Boat Technology"), which is located in Luodong Industrial Park, the wide range of industrial visual automation products are eye -opening.The word "The only artificial intelligence enterprise in China with high -precision photoelectric measurement core technology" on the wall is eye -catching, expressing the self -confidence of enterprises in scientific and technological innovation.

A few days ago, the core device project of Shake Boat Technology officially signed a contract to settle in the original innovation driver platform of Qinchuang New District in Xixian New District.This hard technology company uses "light+AI" to create the strongest "wisdom" in the industry.


Empower traditional industry

3D glue quality online detection system

Help the development of the automotive industry

Machine vision is a technology that can simulate human visual systems. It is the "wisdom" of computers. In the process of large -scale repetitive industrial production, the use of machine vision detection methods can greatly improve the efficiency and automation of production.

The body glass coating is a very important link in the process of welding, coating, and assembly of automobiles. It is closely related to the sealing and waterproof and sound insulation of the car, which has an important impact on the quality of the car.

According to reports, at that time, the world's most advanced 3D glue quality online detection core technologies were mainly in the hands of a few companies in Germany and Japan.Due to the technical blockade of foreign companies, it can only rely on the traditional 2D glue quality detection system and artificial detection of glue coating quality. Often, problems can be found after the operation of robotics is completed, and quality problems cannot be detected in time.At the same time, under the two traditional detection methods, each workpiece detection takes roughly six or seven seconds, and the disadvantage of low efficiency and no detection rate is as high as 3%-5%.

In this case, relying on its own advantages in optics and AI, Shake Boat Technology has developed a 3D glue quality online detection system.The adhesive strip is thick, leakage, too narrow or too wide, etc., and can be analyzed in real time, and can automatically adjust the rubber trajectory and glue gun parameters based on this "command".It can even "command" robots to replenish the gum in time to the places where glue or thin glue strips.


The automatic guidance charging equipment independently developed by Shake Boat Technology is debugging

"At the same time, real -time online detection can be achieved, the testing efficiency is improved, and the missed inspection rate is reduced to 0. The misunderstanding rate is reduced to one in 10,000. The actual application effect is not lost to the import system."Wenbo proudly said, "The quality of 3D glue quality online detection system can be applied to the production links such as car welding, painting, and assembly.The glue coating process is performed online. "

Shocking Boat Technology focuses on the new trend of global automobile development, focuses on the industry's "card neck" technology, promotes the core technology research of the commonality of the automotive industry, breaks through the "technical level" with high precision testing technology, and is the Changan Automobile, Selis Automobile, BYD Automobile, etc.The industry leaders have created AI intelligent visual solutions for automobile manufacturing process.The deployment of the 3D glue quality online detection system and the AI intelligent visual system provides a great help for the achievement of customer testing efficiency in the automotive industry.

Master the full -technology chain

Technology has been applied in dozens of industries

3D glue quality online detection system is only one of the applications of shake boat technology and technology innovation.As the first domestic "light+AI" artificial intelligence enterprise with light, machine, electricity, calculation, and soft, shake boat technology focuses on the design and research and development of intelligent visual equipment. Technology and products have fully covered 3D precision measurement, defectsApplication scenarios such as detection, automation guidance, quality and improvement.

"Our intelligent visual products include 2D/3D and optical field cameras, ultra -high resolution cameras, short -wave cameras, high -end visual light sources, ultra -high -definition large field lenses and other products. It is suitableSmooth surface defect detection, low contrast industrial product defect detection, size measurement, industrial micro -3D micro -detection and other detection links. "Qi Wenbo introduced that the 3D camera series products independently developed by the enterprise include 3D double -eyed light cameras, 3D line laser outlinesScan the camera series, with its high -precision, high speed, high adaptability and other performance advantages, is widely used in 3D size measurement and appearance defect detection in semiconductor, LED and other industries.Take, mixed sorting, and independent guidance assembly.


Automatic capture equipment test

At present, the robot intelligent equipment system, human -machine collaboration intelligent visual equipment system, desktop intelligent visual equipment system, cabinet intelligent visual equipment system, 3D visual guidance system, 5G intelligent welded welding splash detection system and other smart equipmentThe system has provided intelligent visual equipment and intelligent visual solutions for more than 100 well -known domestic and foreign enterprises. Dozens of industries such as automobile manufacturing, semiconductors, power inspections, photovoltaic manufacturing, light industrial leather, aerospace, biomedicine, etc.Essence

When it comes to the difficulty of intelligent visual technology, Qi Wenbo said that the main difficulty is the full chain of fast, accurate, and mastering the entire technology."We are the first domestic companies to complete the full -technology chain of optical, precision machinery, electronics, software, and algorithms. The entire chain is autonomous and controllable."

This year, with its own advantages, it will win the major special special project of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Ministry of Science and Technology with its own advantages. It will jointly complete the Weichai Power's large -scale heavy truck engine surface defect detection imaging system project with the artificial intelligence college of Xi'an Jiaotong University.This project is the first domestic imaging system for the surface defect detection of large heavy -duty engines. From the technical level, the lens automatic zoom and the automatic angle of the light source are regulated. At the same time, it can meet the multi -axis collaboration.EssenceAll hardware products of the project are independently developed and designed by Shake Boat Technology.

Land in Qin Chuangyuan

Create intelligent visual super ecological collaborators

Recently, the core device project of the shake boat science and technology officially signed a contract to settle in the Qinchuang original innovation driving platform in Xixian New District.The landing of Qin Chuangyuan also takes a solid step for the important strategic layout of super ecological collaborators to build a super -ecological collaborator for the development plan of the shake boat technology. "


According to reports, currently 5 scientific research platforms have been built in Shake Boat Technology and participated in the formulation of four national standards in the field of machine vision.The company has more than 100 intellectual property rights, including 21 invention patents, and 9 practical new patents, forming a machine visual patent pool including device, algorithms, and software systems.

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