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Ominous sign: 44%of business leaders said that next year will lay off for artificial intelligence!
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2024-02-21 10:21:07Ominous sign: 44%of business leaders said that next year will lay off for artificial intelligence!

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 Tesla CEO Musk has predicted that the development and application of artificial

Tesla CEO Musk has predicted that the development and application of artificial intelligence technology will make people "do not need to work."Today,Current affairs hot websites various signs show that Musk may be correct.From the data of the current artificial intelligence industry, this seems to be a fact.

A report made by RESUMEBUILDER recently made by 750 corporate leaders using artificial intelligence, showing that 37%of respondents believe that by 2023, AI will replace employees.At the same time, 44%of the CEO said that due to artificial intelligence efficiency, they will reduce employees in 2024.

However, even about unemployment reports caused by artificial intelligence, many experts have different opinions on Musk.

"ResumeBuilder" resume and professional strategic analyst Julia Tasak acknowledged that the data they studied could not accurately reflect the large -scale business prospects.Tasak said, "There are many traditional institutions and small enterprises, and they do not embrace artificial intelligence like large enterprises."

The layoffs are real, but artificial intelligence also allows corporate leaders to re -position their work.Tasak refers to this sentence as "immortal body."

Alex Hood is a project management and cooperative software company called asana. He estimates that half of the working hours are used in "work related to work".He mentioned status updates, inter -departmental exchanges, and other work content, but this is not the focus of employees.

Hu De said, "If this (work) can be replaced by artificial intelligence, then this will be a big breakthrough."

He said that it is necessary to focus on the actual conditions and subtle differences behind the data.The number of unemployed numbers caused by artificial intelligence is not so much worried.

Mark Sundra said that when artificial intelligence completes tasks, humans have the opportunity to climb up.

He said, "From the perspective of perspective, employees can focus on energy", organize or define tasks -based work."..." He compared this change to the office culture in the middle of the last century. At that time, the entire floor may be full of typists, but now the efficiency of typing has replaced the typist.

According to the "Artificial Intelligence Work State Report of 2023", artificial intelligence can now replace 29%of existing work.However, ASANA is the supporter of the "people -oriented artificial intelligence" that it is called. Its purpose is to improve the ability of people's work, not to completely replace people.The report said that with the in -depth research on "humanized" artificial intelligence, people have more confidence in their work.

According to the United Nations statistics, white-collar workers and civil servants account for about 19.6%-30.4%of the total number of employees around the world.Over the past few years, the tools of analysis and communication have changed people's attitude towards knowledge research.

However, by 2022, 34%of people in the world cannot use the Internet, so if you want to discuss artificial intelligence, it will lead to unemployment and re -distribution.Consider going in.

The report pointed out that if professional staff want to avoid unemployment in the workplace of artificial intelligence, they can take the following measures.Seneidra said that as a contemporary white -collar worker, he needs to take a certain responsibility for his work.He said: "One of your jobs is to continue to develop new skills." If you only use certain software 5 years ago, this is not enough.You must learn this new software now.

For example, although work such as scientific research and data analysis can be achieved with artificial intelligence, companies still need some people to guide it, understand its results, and then do it.

There is no progress on artificial intelligence to cause a lot of historical evidence of unemployment

Tasak said, "My advice on everyone is to know how artificial intelligence will affect your current industry." At least you have a background in your heart, so as not to have a clue."

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