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Reshape the digital productivity system, and the generation AI will open the cloud computing new decade in the next decade?
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2024-02-21 02:55:09Reshape the digital productivity system, and the generation AI will open the cloud computing new decade in the next decade?

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 Today we are in a torrent of history, a huge crossroads.GenerateAI completely breaking the arti Popular news sites

Today we are in a torrent of history, a huge crossroads.GenerateAI completely breaking the artificial intelligence technology, bringing the historical turning point that machine learning has adopted on a large scale.

The new round of scientific and technological revolution set off far beyond our imagination today, which means that a huge historical opportunity is coming on the face.

The rise of the generation AI, especially the application of large language models, is fundamentally changing the operation of the technology industry. Under the drive of AI, industrial technology is entering the new era. This will promote the combinationIt is no longer limited to the boundaries of the industry, becoming an important strategic development direction for science and technology giants.

For companies seeking business competitiveness, the generation AI will undoubtedly provide new opportunities for enterprise transformation and upgrading.

AI reshape cloud computing base


AI is let everyone re -understand the value of the cloud.

According to McKinsey's data, in terms of cost reduction and efficiency, the production-based AI can increase the production efficiency of 2,100 specific tasks of 850 occupations, and the reduction of production costs can be as high as 6.1-79 trillion US dollars.

From the corporate level, it can be used by 63 scenarios of 16 business departments to solve specific business challenges and bring the value of US $ 2.6-44 trillion.

From the perspective of application, various applications derived from the generation AI have gradually tried to land in various industries, including art generation (such as Deepart, Deepdream, etc.), text generation (such as chat robots and news generators similar to ChatGPT),Music generation and more complicated tasks, such as video generation and virtual real environment.

Searching, conference minutes, text abstracts, content or code creation based on the genetic AI knowledge base, the production efficiency is increased to a new stage.

If the iceberg is used to compare it, the corner of the iceberg exposed above the sea is the basic model.At the bottom of the iceberg, there are a large number of services other than basic models to support, such as accelerated chips, databases, data analysis, data security services, and so on.

In the short term, cloud computing and AI industry or large models form a linkage relationship. All big models are president on the cloud to provide services in a "cloud" manner.If it is placed in a farther future, it will have a profound impact on the business model of the cloud computing market.

firstThe generation AI will promote the development of cloud services in the direction of more intelligent and autonomousization.Using generative AI technology, cloud services can automatically provide customized solutions according to customer needs.

For example, in cloud storage services, with the help of generating AI technology, it can automatically analyze the user's data type and access mode and provide the optimized storage solution.In the cloud hosting service, the technology can automatically adjust the hosting resource allocation to ensure the balance and efficiency of resource utilization.

SecondThe generation AI will comprehensively improve the flexibility and scalability of cloud services, which can automatically adjust the service configuration and service scale to meet the changing needs of customers.

In the cloud database service, the use of generation AI technology can adjust the database engine and configuration in vain to meet the different needs of different customers.In the cloud network service, by using the use of generation AI technology, the network bandwidth and route can be automatically adjusted to cope with the changes in network traffic.

againThe generation AI will also improve the reliability and security of cloud services. With the help of this technology, it can detect abnormalities and security vulnerabilities in cloud services, and timely take measures to repair and protect.

For example, in cloud security services, generating AI technology can perform security risks such as automatic detection and preventing network attacks and data leakage.

at lastThe generation AI can bring more innovation and possibilities to cloud services. Relying on this technology, new services and applications can be automatically created to meet the changing needs of customers.

For example, in the field of cloud computing, new cloud services, cloud application, and cloud solutions can be automatically created to promote the development and innovation of the cloud computing industry.

According to the latest user survey of IDC in November 2023, whether it is the global and China's industry users are very enthusiastic about the application and deployment of generative AI. More than 90%For example, the development of potential application scenarios, preliminary testing and conceptual verification of models, and even invested a lot of funds in generating AI.

Among them, about 30%of companies will choose public cloud providers and IT consulting partners as their most important strategic partners for generating AI.

Cloud giant swarming betting format AI

at the same time,


cloud computing



In the wave



AI Lighthouse.

In January of this year, Microsoft combined Azure's enterprise -level function with OPENAI's generative AI model function to release Azure OpenAI services. In March of this yearThe platform Google WorkSpace introduces the generative AI function.

Compared with Microsoft Cloud and Google Cloud, Amazon Cloud Technology has been a little later, but the company does not take the way of the two cloud service giants, but has a different approach.

Amazon Cloud Technology has previously emphasized that Amazon Bedrolk's goal is to build customers in "enterprise -level" AI applications and distinguish them with Google Cloud and Microsoft Cloud's existing AI model custody services.

As the world's three largest cloud computing suppliers, competition between Amazon Cloud Technology, Microsoft Cloud, and Google Cloud has entered a fierce stage.

The data released by the research institution Synergy in the first quarter of 2023 shows that these three jointly occupied 65%of the global market share, Amazon Cloud Technology's market share is 32%, ranking first in the market, Microsoft Cloud's market share is 23%, ranking first in the ranks, ranking first in the ranks, ranking first in the ranks.Two places, Google Cloud's market share is 10%, ranking third.

The contest of the three giants in the field of generation AI means that the "arms competition" of the cloud service market has intensified.The generation AI is an important means for these giants to expand the cloud service market. In the future, this technology field will also become an important driving force for the performance of the three companies.

In Amazon Cloud Technology 2023 RE: Invent China Travel Beijing Station Theme Sharing, Chen Xiaocheng, general manager of the product department of Amazon Cloud Technology Greater China, said: "We continue to reshape cloud computing in the fields of infrastructure, computing, storage, data, etc., and surround them aroundToday, the most transformed technology generation AI has launched heavy new services and functions. It is hoped that through these technological innovation, it will help more companies to accelerate innovation and use the generation AI to reshape the future. "

Specifically, Amazon Cloud Technology has continuously invested in three different levels of the end -to -end of the generation AI:

At the bottom, it provides infrastructure for basic model training and reasoning.

The chip is the cornerstone of all the workloads of the enterprise. Amazon Cloud Technology has carried out self -developed chips for more than ten years. Each generation of self -developed chips has improved cost -effectiveness and energy efficiency.

For example, this year's newly released Amazon Tranium2 processor, for special chips for generating AI and machine learning training, can optimize the basic models with hundreds of billions of parameters with training, compared with Amazon Trainium's 4x performance improvement improvement improvement improvement improvement, 65 Exaflops' on -demand super computing performance.

In the intermediate tool layer, the tools that use basic models are provided for construction.

Amazon Cloud Technology referred to Amazon Bedrol as the simplest method to build and expand the method of generating AI applications by using large models.The platform provides a convenient tool that allows customers to easily use a variety of basic models for customized development.

These basic models include AI21 Labs, Anthropic, Stability AI, and Amazon's own basic model TITAN, which can be combined with the customer's private data to achieve efficient model training.

In addition, through Amazon Sagemaker Jumpstart, customers can also find, explore and deploy more open source models to further enrich their model libraries.

In the top application layer, applications are provided using basic models.

For the Copilot -driven artificial intelligence assistant launched by Microsoft, Amazon Cloud Technology launched a generating artificial intelligence assistant called "Amazon Q", which means that Amazon Cloud Technology has opened up to Microsoft and Google in the field of productivity software.Challenge.

Amazon Q is trained by the knowledge and experience accumulated by Amazon Cloud Technology in 17 years. Whether the customer builds, uses internal data and systems on Amazon Cloud Technology, or apply a series of data and business applications, it can provide strong one provision.Support the support of AI.

In order to meet the strict requirements of enterprise customers, Amazon Q can personalize each user interaction according to the existing personnel, roles and permissions of the enterprise.

Chen Xiaocheng said that, like cloud computing, satellite networks, generation AI and other complex technologies. Although the future is unknown, as the founder of cloud computing, Amazon Cloud Technology has always practiced innovative practice, breaking complex technologies for customers, and remodeling with reshapingTo realize the inclusive technology and technology, we will use our reinvention of underlying technology to help customers continue to reshape their business. This journey is not the end.


The development of technology is often beyond people's presets.

Today, generate

AI has been able to give humans

Create an answer beyond imagination,

The barriers of the industry are broken and reconstructed to some extent, and a formation

The productivity revolution caused by AI is happening.

What we can see is that after a series of infrastructure and development tools for generating AI are continuously put into application, the threshold for large models landing

decreasing gradually

Began to go deep into the depths of all walks of life.

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