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Seize the AI development opportunity "Digital Fujian" and move towards the new journey
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2024-02-21 02:38:08Seize the AI development opportunity "Digital Fujian" and move towards the new journey

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 Automation Line of Aojiahua subsidiary factory areaLianlian chemical fiber 热点新闻

  Automation Line of Aojiahua subsidiary factory area

  Lianlian chemical fiber installed with the "digital production box" scripture machine is running at a high -speed reporter Qiu Dekun


  The tide rises southeast, and the wisdom leads the future.In October 2000, "Digital Fujian" first tried it first, becoming the source and practice starting point of Digital China.Today, digital transformation is the general trend, and the digital economy has also become a new engine for the high -quality development of Fujian's economy.

  Recently, a reporter from Shanghai Securities News went to Fuzhou, Xiamen, Quanzhou and other places. It has been investigated and developed. Fujian has a lot of highlights in digital development, and the opportunities have continued. It has taken the forefront of digital development nationwide with a solid step.

  A yarn of a hair is like a hair, which runs at a high speed of the messenger yarn, and quickly compiles the designed lace lace.Zhou Bin, the general manager of Changle Lianda Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Lianlian Chemical Fiber"): "The company has got rid of the production model of & lsquo; human sea tactics & rsquo;, put on the production equipment & lsquo;.

  Zhou Bin's "brain" is called "digital production box", which can quickly design the complex patterns in the software and compile it accurately to achieve the production and monitoring data of AI (artificial intelligence) control equipment, breaking the external pair of pairsThe impression of the textile industry "Thousands of Man, Ten Thousands".And this is also the epitome of the digital transformation of Fujian enterprises.

  "& Lsquo; Digital Fujian & RSquo; It has been built for many years. In the future, AI will be the core of the core." Chen Shuang, head of the Fujian Artificial Intelligence Computing Center, introduced that the development conditions of AI were immature before, and the cost of developing products was high and efficient.Today, AI technology is becoming increasingly mature. With its help, the construction of "Digital Fujian" has also strode towards a new journey.

  Empowerment: Design and produce "Diaoyun See the Day"

  Entering the Lianlian Chemical Fiber Office, a designer entered a piece of text in the software platform "AI Auxiliary Design Master", waiting for the pattern generated by AI design in about 20 seconds, providing the designer with multiple creative references.

  "Design was the most headache for our headache." According to Zhou Bin, Lianlian chemical fiber uses "AI auxiliary design masters". Designers can design 40 or fifty patterns for customers in a short time, and then according to customersThe feedback refined pattern can greatly shorten the design cycle.

  Earlier, the designers and salespersons of the Lianjiao chemical fiber needed to dock the customers together, and then repeatedly confirmed the needs to the customers. The design link was long.Zhou Bin said that a designer could only draw a maximum of more than a dozen design drawings in a month before. If half of the design drawings can be selected by the customer, even if they get a high conversion rate.

  The "AI Auxiliary Design Master", which improves design efficiency, is provided by Fuzhou Digital Industry Interconnection Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "digital production companies").Qiu Xinqiang, chief engineer of the production company, said: "& lsquo; AI auxiliary design master & rsquo; As a design tool, it provides a new way of production with AI as the core."

  From design to production, enterprises also need "fire eyes and golden eyes."On a electronic screen, Victoria (Xiamen) Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Victoria Company") is based on Shengteng AI development "scaling point detection" system, which can remotely detect abnormal yarns and defect points, etc.And issue alert.

  Lin Ruibin, general manager of Victoria, said that in the past, visual technology adopted traditional algorithms, and there were disadvantages to have low accuracy and could not identify complex images.The emergence of the "scripture defect detection" system can improve the accuracy of enterprise production and the ability to identify complex images.

  At present, more than 1,000 meter editing machines in the mayor of Fuzhou have deployed the "scripture point test" system, which can adapt to more than 600 flawed flaw tests.In fact, in the Changle District of the "Textile Capital", AI has spawned a series of "lightweight" digital tools in data collection, order management, production management, intelligent storage, and defect detection.

  "AI will become one of the key to creating differentiated competitiveness in textile companies." Zhou Bin said that the current textile industry is in a state of supplying greater thanks. If you want to stand out, you need some differentiated products.

  Ecology: Big model "Hundred Flowers"

  "There are more and more factories empowerment in Fujian." Chen Shuang said that the explosion period of the integration of various industries into the AI has not yet arrived, and the AI industry still needs multiple software and hardware technologies to open sourceClimb to high value.

  At the Fujian Provincial Artificial Intelligence Industry Development Forum recently held, in order to respond to the increasing security needs of the aviation industry, Xiamen University Air Tian Information Intelligence Research Team released the "South Qiang · Huiyi Eye" aviation intelligent operation and maintenance visual industry model 1.0 version 1.0Essence

  "Traditional aviation defect detection and failure judgment, mostly relying on experienced technical personnel, leading to a number of disadvantages." According to Zeng Nianyin, an associate professor of the "Intelligent System and Computing" research team of the School of Aerospace University of Xiamen UniversityThe coordinated development of rising soft hardware can efficiently and accurately identify the surface damage of the aircraft and the defects of key components inside the aviation engine.

  It is reported that the "Nanqiang · Huiyan" facing the "cloud edge" three -body coordinated model deployment and platform development, which effectively solves the problem of high labor costs and difficult identification in the aviation industry, and ensures the safety of sensitive data of aviation equipment.Control, help the intelligent upgrade of industry operation and maintenance.

  In addition to the "Nanqiang Huidan", cases of Fujian universities and enterprises have continued to increase.For example, Kang Qin Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Kang Qin Holdings") released the language model of "Bao Sheng · Miao Tu" Chinese Medicine University; Meitu released the "Wonderful Intelligent" AI visual model; Fujian Vocational and Technical College launchedAccess to Shengteng AI's "Zhihui Platform".

  At present, in view of the popular model training scenarios, the Fujian Artificial Intelligence Computing Center applied Hua Zhen's "Tianzhi" series of high -secret AI training server.Zhou Feng, general manager of Huayi Zhenyu Fujian Branch, said: "Whether it is natural language processing or computer visual tasks, its products can quickly complete more complicated training and greatly shorten the development cycle of various models."

  The big model industry is entering the vigorous development period of the hundred models."In the research and core technology research of AI basic theory and core technology, we focus on creating a number of AI innovation platforms." Zeng Weidong, deputy director of the Fuzhou Big Data Development Management Committee, said that in Fuzhou, it is jointly promoting leading enterprises, key universities, and scientific research institutes.Innovate the supply and demand docking of universities and corporate talents, and promote the integration and development of industry -university -research.

  In September 2023, the "Ten Measures for the Promoting the Development of the Artificial Intelligence Industry in Fujian Province" was released, requiring the implementation of the "Smart Fu Hundred Scenery" actions to support the typical application scenarios in government affairs, manufacturing, finance, medical, education, business, construction, agriculture and other fields.Copy and promote, and encourage government agencies, institutions, and state -owned enterprises to try first.

  Strong base: The computing power base is constantly consolidating

  The advent of many large models of model products cannot be separated from the huge computing power support.According to Chen Yi, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, big data, algorithms, and computing power are the three core elements of AI.Among them, computing power is the power and engine of AI.

  At the Fujian Artificial Intelligence Computing Center, the server in the AI training machine room operates at high speed, silently providing computing support for various large models.As the first large -scale artificial intelligence computing cluster in the southeast, the general planned computing power of the Intelligence Center is 400P (1P is equivalent to 10 million trillion calculation speed per second).

  In April 2023, the first -phase computing power planning of the Fujian Artificial Intelligence Computing Center was launched with a full load. It is an artificial intelligence platform with the highest computing power usage rate in Fujian.Chen Shuang said: "If the artificial intelligence industry wants to really develop, it must allow companies in the industrial chain & lsquo; can make money & rsquo;."

  Chen Shuang told reporters that the cost of self -built computing power centers for the enterprise is too high. Relying on the inclusive computing power services provided by the government, it can greatly reduce the cost of computing power. This is one of the significance to build the Fujian Artificial Intelligence Computing Center.

  At present, the Fujian Artificial Intelligence Computing Center has united more than 170 companies, incubating more than 70 AI innovation solutions.At the same time, the center completed the computing power contract with more than 40 universities and enterprise units such as Xiamen University and Fuzhou University, and reached a cooperation intention with more than 170 companies and scientific research institutes.

  According to Chen Shuang, in the construction application of the "Public Computing Power Platform" launched by the Ministry of Science and Technology this year, the Intelligence Center as the only national new generation of artificial intelligence public computing power open innovation platforms (chores), which was approved by Fujian Province, has been included inNational Artificial Intelligence Computing Power Strategy System.

  In order to promote the construction of "Digital Fujian", Fujian is fully ensuring the supply of computing power.The "Ten Measures for the Promoting the Development of the Artificial Intelligence Industry in Fujian Province" proposes that it will improve the basic support of the industrial ecological construction of computing power, reduce the research and development costs of artificial intelligence enterprises through inclusive computing power, and build a southeast innovation highland for the development of the artificial intelligence industry.

  At present, the main equipment of the Fujian Artificial Intelligence Computing Center has realized localization, which can better guarantee data security and allow enterprises to use computing power resources with confidence.In the long run, the center will become the "central anchor point" of the development of the Fujian AI industry.

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