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The sound of music is melodious, let the world hear the new rhyme of Taihu Lake
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2024-02-21 03:31:37The sound of music is melodious, let the world hear the new rhyme of Taihu Lake

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□ Our reporter Yang MingjieThe moon was hanging, and Yu Yin was lingering.On the first day of 2024, 热议资讯

□ Our reporter Yang Mingjie

The moon was hanging, and Yu Yin was lingering.On the first day of 2024, a feast of music was dedicated to Wuxi."Wuxi Symphony · World Hear" Wuxi Symphony Orchestra and 2024 New Year Concert staged a wonderful performance at the Wuxi Grand Theater.

The Wuxi Symphony Orchestra was jointly established by Wuxi City and Wuxi High -tech Zone. The New Year Concert is the first time that the Wuxi Symphony Orchestra has officially unveiled since its establishment.The freshman orchestra, the first concert, echo the people's longing for a better life, played the strong sound of the high -quality development of Wuxi culture, and gave a good blessing to Wuxi, who entered the New Year.

Tailoring "Wuxi Preface" for Wuxi

Taihu soft, Wen Ruyu,

Furong showed water in Wuxi.

Ling Linglang washing Lingshanying,

Taohong lotus powder is silver fish.


The concert kicked off in the first Wuxi city -themed symphony "Wuxi Prelude".This is the only original new work in the concert. The word writer Kevin lyrics and the Wuxi Symphony Orchestra music guidance Li Yisheng composed.Wuxi, for Li Yisheng, a young composer with an international influence, is a city full of attractive and beautiful memories.When he was a child, he took a boat in Wuxi and went north along the Beijing -Hangzhou Grand Canal. The beautiful scenery of the Jiangnan and the humanities of the water village ... let him leave a beautiful and profound impression on Wuxi.The impression support of the prelude.

"The trend of the times is surging, and the city continues to grow. Every time the leap is the manifestation of Wuxi heroism. After many years, I will set foot on this hot land again. I have a new understanding of the city." Li Yisheng said, "Wuxi Prelude"Different from the traditional Jiangnan minor, the symphony is used as a manifestation, and it adopts a bright rigidity. It is more magnificent and magnificent, showing Wuxi's youthfulness, modernization, and internationalization.

Exciting jumping notes, powerful melody, and passionate singing, "Wuxi Preface" tailored for Wuxi, Fu Mei Wuxi, played the passionate movement of high -quality development in the new era.

Open the New Year with high -quality performance

Masterpiece gathered, famous songs, celebrities, and original competing for the classics and originals. Under the leadership of the artistic director and chief command of Wuxi Symphony Orchestra, musicians showed the artistic appeal of the symphony to the fullest."Taihu Beauty", "The Song of the Laile", "A Cup of Wine" ... A familiar, popular domestic and foreign classic songs, under the performance of the symphony orchestra and the singer's love performance, bring the audience into charming musicIn the world, the last "1812 prelude" pushed the atmosphere of the entire concert to a climax with a real gift. The concert hall was full of a festive new year atmosphere.

International Music Master and World Piano Player Matsuyev brought "C Essentials Second Piano Concerto"."This is the first time in my life on the first day of the New Year. I am very happy. When I know that a new symphony orchestra has just been established here, I agreed without thinking." Matroyev said."The new Wuxi Symphony Orchestra is a very young and dynamic team." Wu Bixia, known as the "Nightingale of Chinese and Western", said, "Wuxi is a very attractive city. I hope there will be more in the future in the future.Come to Wuxi by chance, sing Wuxi. "

The scene was full, and the audience spent the New Year's Eve in the wonderful music."The atmosphere is very good. It is great in terms of artistic and performance level, which is very moving." Ms. Kong, a citizen.

Let the elegant art "fly into the home of ordinary people"

When the economic development of a city has reached a certain stage, culture will inevitably become a soft power for regional development.

Taihu Pearl, the name of the name.Wuxi has always been a city with a very heavy quality of life. Chongwen Shangli and Yale rewards are "poems and distant" hidden in the bones of Jiangnan people.The birth and premiere of the Wuxi Symphony Orchestra shows the new and international appearance of Wuxi's modernization and internationalization.The concert not only enriched the spiritual and cultural life of the general public, but also demonstrated the artistic achievements of high -quality cultural development. It is also a vivid artistic practice that promotes the vigorous development of the elegant art of Wuxi, enhances cultural heritage, and promotes the construction of a strong cultural city.

After the song is over, people do not disperse.This New Year Concert is the first performance of the Wuxi Symphony Orchestra's music season. In the 2024 performance of the orchestra, the theme of "Wuxi Symphony · World Hear" invited well -known domestic and foreign conductors and soloists to perform.The field, invited famous conductors such as Chen Yiyang, Zhang Guoyong, and other famous performing artists such as Lang Lang, Wan Jie, Deng Jiandong and other famous performance artists to bring a more exciting music experience to the audience, integrate art into urban life, and let Wuxi citizens listen at their doorsteps to listen to their doorsteps.The symphony of the world allows elegant art to "fly into the home of ordinary people."

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