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Technovision: The five most concerned technical trends in 2024
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2024-02-21 04:15:54Technovision: The five most concerned technical trends in 2024

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The impact of technological changes on human society cannot be ignored.As the leading partner of bu breaking news website

  The impact of technological changes on human society cannot be ignored.As the leading partner of business and technology transformation, Capgemini released "The five most concerned technical trends in 2024", Analyze the technical force that will usher in a key impact on the business world in 2024.

  The most noticeable technical trendBesidesGenerateAI 2023 is the first year of the generation AI, which has detonated the topic in global technology and business and is amazing.Looking at 2024, it will still be the most noticeable technical trend and continue to have a significant impact on the commercial world.

  Large language models (LLM) will continue to flourish, but the demand for lighter and more cost -effective models is also increasing.These models will become smaller and smaller, and the lightweight deployment with limited processing capacity can also run generated AI, including marginal equipment and small enterprise architecture.

  In 2024, the new AI platform will be combined with the high -quality information from the Knowledge Graphs by combining the generated AI model from the Knowledge Graphs, which is more effective for AI hallucinations.The platform that provides tools for enterprises will come into being. Enterprises can use generatory AI without deep internal professional and technical knowledge.In the long run, these changes will prompt the industry to create a model Internet network for specific tasks design and fine -tuning, and develop a real multi -agent generated ecosystem.

  Enterprises need to seize these key trends for their own use. As a leading technical consulting company that comprehensively embrace the generation AI, Kaijie always stands at the forefront of the emerging technical trend and helps the enterprise grasp the business opportunities brought by the crescent generation AI.

  With extensive generating AI services, deep industry knowledge and industrialized delivery assets, multiple generation AI projects have been successfully delivered in recent years.In 2023, Kajie specially established a generating AI laboratory (Generation AI Lab) to closely collaborate with key participants in the ecological value chain.

  In the next three years, Kajie also plans to invest 2 billion euros to further strengthen its leadership in the AI field.At the same time, the scale of Data & AI (data and artificial intelligence) team has increased from the current 30,000 to 60,000.

  Other key technical trends


  Increased battery performance and reducing costs is the focus of corporate and government attention.By reducing costs and efficiency to support the development of electric vehicles and long -term energy storage, it has promoted the transition of energy to renewable energy and accelerate the development of smart grids.In the business world with energy transformation and climate change into driving force, these emerging development may provide more choices and more sustainable use of materials for the battery industry.

  Quantum technology

  A network arms race is ongoing, and it is necessary to strengthen the digital defense mechanism to cope with the network security challenges that accompany the computing power progress.At present, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are increasingly used to threaten detection.Quantum computing brings new hidden dangers, making anti -quantum algorithms an urgent need to maintain data privacy and security in the future.

  semiconductorIn 2024, Moore's Law will evolve and have a new paradigm.From smart phones to electric vehicles, to data centers and telecommunications, more powerful interconnected objects will accelerate the digital transformation of all walks of life.These technologies will be reflected in changes in the semiconductor ecosystem itself. In 2024, new Gigabit factories, regulations, business models and foundry services will appear.

  Space technologyHumans' curiosity about space has never stopped, and she has always wanted to return to the moon.Space technology intends to promote scientific discovery and help solve the most severe challenges facing the earth, including monitoring climate risk and disaster, telecommunications popularization, national defense and other fields. The technical forces behind them include 5G, satellite systems, big data, and quantum computing.

  The wave of emerging technology will accelerate the transformation of enterprises to digital and sustainable economic transformation, especially the generatory AI that has attracted much attention from the industry and the public is developing towards the direction with easier acquisition, wide use, and higher cost benefits.

  Technology innovation will accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises and obtain more long -term value.As a trusted business and technology transformation partner for customers, Kajie will always pay attention to key technical breakthroughs and use the power of technology to empower customers' future business growth and sustainable development needs.

  About Kaijie Group

  Capgemini is the world's leading corporate partner, using the power transformation of technology and managing the business business.Its purpose is to release human energy through technology and create a tolerance and sustainable future.Kaijie is a responsible diversified organization. The group headquarters is located in Paris, France, and has nearly 350,000 team members in more than 50 countries.

  With its 56 -year -old history and profound industry expertise, under the promotion of the innovative world of clouds, data, artificial intelligence, interconnection, software, digital engineering and platforms that develop rapidly, Kajie is deeply trusted by customers and can satisfy customers from fromStrategic, designed to operate all -round business needs.The Group's global revenue in 2022 was 22 billion euros.

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