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To respond to the World Change Bureau with Chinese initiative
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2024-02-21 04:06:15To respond to the World Change Bureau with Chinese initiative

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 In 2023, the international situation continued to evolve profoundly, and the development proble Hot discussion information website

In 2023, the international situation continued to evolve profoundly, and the development problems were still severe. Regional hotspots were here, and the trust of the deficit was more serious.Facing a world of frequent challenges and turbulence, China aims to build a community of human destiny, with strategic leadership to implement global development initiative, global security initiative, and global civilization initiative.Continuously contribute Chinese wisdom and Chinese power.

Global development initiative to crack the dilemma of development and promote the common development of the world

In recent years, due to multiple factors, global development has faced severe challenges, and the development of north -south development has continued to pull.

In September 2021, President Xi Jinping proposed a global development initiative when attending the general debate of the 76th UN General Assembly, calling on the international community to accelerate the implementation of the 2030 Sustainable Development Fair, focusing on promoting poverty reduction, food security, anti -injuries and vaccines, development fundraising, Climate change and green development, industrialization, digital economy, interconnection and other fields to promote the achievement of stronger, green, and healthy global development, and build a community of global development community.

In August 2023, the "BRICS+" leader dialogue meeting was held in South Africa. President Xi Jinping further explained the significance of the global development initiative at the meeting and pointed out: "I propose the global development initiative to let the world focus on development.Provide help for the implementation of the Agenda for Sustainable Development. "President Xi Jinping announced that China has established a global development and South -South Cooperation Fund with a total amount of US $ 4. billion, and Chinese financial institutions will soon launch a $ 10 billion special funds for the implementation of global development initiatives.President Xi Jinping also said that China will carry out more cooperation with African countries to support Africa to enhance independent development capabilities.This is a practical measure to implement the global development initiative, which shows that China ’s sincere desire and firm determination to promote global development.

As of now, half of the 32 pragmatic measures introduced by China have completed or achieved early results in promoting the global development. More than 100 countries and international organizations have supported global development initiative. More than 70 countries have joined the "Friends of the Global Development Initiative".More than 20 countries and international agencies signed a memorandum of understanding of cooperation with China, and more than 200 development cooperation projects blossomed.The past year has once again proved that global development initiative is a vivid practice of building a community of human destiny.UN Secretary -General Gutres also pointed out that global development initiative is a "valuable contribution", which is conducive to promoting the world to accelerate the development of more sustainable and inclusive future.

Global security initiative should deal with security challenges and maintain world peace and peace

Faced with a world where the turbulence, turbulence frequency, and the endless layer of security, the people of all countries have become more urgent to seek peace, stability, and hope for cooperation.In April 2022, President Xi Jinping proposed a global security initiative at the opening ceremony of the Boao Forum for Forum Annual Meeting, advocating the international pattern of profound adjustment with the spirit of unity, and responding to the security challenges of complex intellectuals with win -win thinking.This initiative pointed out the direction of more stability and certainty to the era of international conflict, improve global security governance, and promote the international community to join the era of turbulent changes, and to achieve the direction of world persistence and peace and development.

In July 2023, President Xi Jinping advocated "maintaining regional peace and ensuring common safety" at the 23rd meeting of the head of the head of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.President Xi Jinping pointed out: "China is willing to work with all parties to promote the global security initiative to take root, insist on dialogue, not fight against, not alliance, and win -win instead of zero -sum, and work together to create a community of security communities." In November, President Xi Jinping was going to go.When the "Solidarity of the Palestinian People's International Day" commemorative conference, he emphasized that "China proposed a global security initiative, advocating to resolve the differences and disputes between the country through dialogue, and support all the efforts that are conducive to the resolution of crisis."These important discussions have deepened the theoretical and practical understanding of global security governance, and promoted the global security initiative.

In 2023, China issued the "Global Security Initiative Concept Documents", "Chinese Stance on Political Resolution of Ukrainian Crisis", "Chinese Positions on Afghanistan" and "China Position Documents on Solving Pakistan -Israel -Israel's Conflict" to further explain global securityThe core concept of the initiative has further proposed the position and proposition of solving hot issues, which is highly valued by the international community.In particular, in March 2023, China, Saudi Arabia, and Iran issued a joint statement in Beijing in Beijing that they announced that the sides of Shati agreed to restore diplomatic relations.In November, during the rotation chairman of the UN Security Council, the Security Council passed the first resolution since the outbreak of Pakistani ’s new round of conflict.

The global security initiative has proposed for more than a year, especially in 2023, and has received increasing attention, recognition and praise in the world.As of now, the initiative has won the support of more than 100 countries and international organizations, which has played an important role in concentrating consensus and maintaining world peace in terms of conflict.

Global civilization initiative improves dialogue and exchanges, and promotes mutual learning of world civilization

In the context of accelerating the evolution of the Centennial Change Bureau, affected by factors such as epidemic and cold war thinking, humanistic exchanges in various countries have been seriously hindered, and human civilizations are facing severe challenges."One flower is not spring alone, and the flowers are full of spring." In March 2023, President Xi Jinping proposed a global civilization initiative at a high -level dialogue between the Communist Party of China and the high -level dialogue of the world party, advocating respect for the diversity of world civilization, promoting the common value of all mankind, attaching importanceCivilized inheritance and innovation, and strengthen international cultural exchanges and cooperation.This initiative aims to promote civilized exchanges and mutual learning and promote human civilization. It is another important public product provided by China for the international community.

In May 2023, President Xi Jinping pointed out in the keynote speech at the China -Central Asian Summit: "We must practice global civilization initiatives, continue traditional friendship, close personnel, strengthen the exchange of governance of the country, deepen civilization, and learn from each other.Enhance mutual understanding, build the cornerstone of the Chinese people's generations with the people of Central Asian countries, and work together to build a community of each other's blind date, concentric and morality. "In November, President Xi Jinping pointed out in the speech of the American friendly group in San Francisco:"We need to build more bridges and laid more roads for the communication between the people, instead of setting up various obstacles and manufacturing 'cold cicadas' effects'"; in December, President Xi Jinping pointed out, Mutual respect, contempt and symbiosis, and sympathy for the development of human civilization are the correct path to the development of human civilization.It is hoped that all parties will make full use of the "Liangzhu Forum" platform to deepen the civilized dialogue of jointly building the "Belt and Road" countries, practice global civilization initiative, strengthen civilization exchanges and learn, and promote the view of equality, mutual learning, dialogue, and tolerance.Promote the harmonious coexistence of different civilizations, achieve mutual achievements, and promote the people of all peoples in and out of each other.These important discussions have further enriched the theoretical connotation of the global civilization initiative, demonstrated the value of the era of civilization and mutual learning, and it is of great significance to promote the harmonious coexistence of different civilizations and mutual achievements.

The global civilization initiative is highly constructive and operable. Although it has been proposed for less than 10 months, it has received widespread attention at home and abroad and the support of many countries in the world.People from various countries, academics and other circles actively evaluate this initiative, arguing that it will promote the development and progress of human civilization and make important contributions to the future of human beings.

In short, over the past year, global development initiatives, global security initiatives, and global civilization initiatives have attracted more and more attention and support from the international community. It has continuously deepened and refined in practice, showing a strong appeal.At present, in the context of accelerating the evolution of the world's major situation, countries should join hands to actively practice three major initiatives, promote global development, maintain world peace, improve global governance, carry out civilized exchanges and mutual learning, continue to promote the construction of the community of human destiny community, Build a better world.

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