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Outlook 2024: Data storage is the key to the success of artificial intelligence
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2024-02-21 02:59:13Outlook 2024: Data storage is the key to the success of artificial intelligence

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 In 2024, the data will continue to maintain index growth, and the data storage Hot discussion information website

In 2024, the data will continue to maintain index growth, and the data storage industry will also face unprecedented challenges and opportunities.We will witness the changes and innovations of more storage technology to better meet the growing data needs and even reshape the IT infrastructure.

In 2024, with the popularity of genetic artificial intelligence, data storage will become the key to the success of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence that deepen data will promote data centers and leading enterprises to adopt higher -density hard disk storage. By saving the insights generated by raw data sets and artificial intelligence and machine learning to obtain more forward -looking data value.According to IDC forecast, 291ZB data & mdash; & mdash; users can obtain massive data in 2027, and the speed of data growth will exacerbate the above trend.Gartner predicts that by 2026, more than 80%of enterprises will use generated artificial intelligence APIs and models and/or deployment -generated artificial intelligence applications in production, and this proportion in 2023 will be less than 5%.A survey of Gartner also shows that 55%of the organization is trying or using generated artificial intelligence.Gartner predicts that the data generated by artificial intelligence generated in the next two years will account for 10%of the total amount of data, and the current proportion is less than 1%.Enterprises will preserve more operating data to train artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning models; more enterprises will use external and internal data training models to benefit from their information.In 2024, oversized technology giants are expected to accelerate investment in cloud storage space to support the development of artificial intelligence projects.And because enterprises seek competitive advantages by improving productivity and efficiency, artificial intelligence will also promote the increase in the demand for IT expenditure and data storage of enterprises.

In 2024, the renewal expansion of the data center will benefit from the sharp improvement of the density of the hard disk surface.

Nearly 90%of the cloud data center data is stored on the hard disk.As the data center infrastructure enters the natural update cycle, they may replace small -capacity hard disks with larger capacity.At present, the average hard disk capacity based on traditional PMR technology is 16TB.The new HAMR technology will promote the deployment of a hard disk with a higher surface density of 30TB of data center management personnel, so that more data can be stored on a single hard disk, greatly reduced energy consumption, reduced space occupation, and greatly optimized the overall ownership (TCOTo.HAMR technology will also help data center operators to further reduce carbon footprints by adopting more durable and more energy -saving storage equipment, and play a greater role in processing 53.6 million tons of electronic waste.

In 2024, flash memory and hard disks will continue to exist at the same time in data centers.

The exponential growth of the data will drive the demand for massive hard disks to support the current and future workloads with flash storage.The latest analysis of IDC, Trendfocus, and FORWARD Insights shows that for most of the storage tasks with capacity first, hard disks will still be the most cost -effective choice.Most data around the world are stored in the cloud, and the storage capacity demand here is expected to increase only, and hard disks will become the main beneficiary of this EB -class growth.The cost of hard disk storage is 1/5 of the cost of each byte less than the full flash memory solution.For the data center architecture, this cost difference will always exist next year, and even the next decade.

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