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Gates released the annual outlook: AI driver innovation, accelerate the development of anti -cancer drugs, personalized counseling students, etc.
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2024-02-21 03:32:23Gates released the annual outlook: AI driver innovation, accelerate the development of anti -cancer drugs, personalized counseling students, etc.

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 From: the financial industryThis article comes from: IT HomeBill Gates, a former CE 独家资讯

From: the financial industry

This article comes from: IT Home

Bill Gates, a former CEO of Microsoft, released the annual outlook, saying that the future of the future will usher in a turning point in 2024.

In the outlook, Gates focused on artificial intelligence and believed that it would innovate and open up a new era and solve many major problems in the world.

Gates believes that artificial intelligence can accelerate the creation of new drugs.Drug discovery needs to be sorted outArtificial intelligence tools can greatly speed up this process.Some companies are already using this method to develop anti -cancer drugs.

A key priority of the Gates Foundation in the field of artificial intelligence is to ensure that these tools can also solve the health problems that have seriously affected the world's poorest people in AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria.

Gates also mentioned a few points in the article. IT House attached the list as follows:

Can artificial intelligence fight antibiotics to resist?

Antibiotics have the magical effect of ending infection, but if used too frequently, pathogens will learn how to ignore them.This is the so -called antibacterial drug resistance (AMR).

This is a huge problem in the world, especially in Africa, because Africa's AMR mortality is the highest.The NANA KOFI Quakyi of the Ghana Aurum Institute is developing an artificial intelligence -driven tool to help health workers avoid AMR when opening antibiotics.

The tool will sort out all available information -including local clinical guidelines and health monitoring data, and understand which pathogen currently has the risk of resistance to resistance -and puts forward suggestions on the best drugs, doses and treatment.

Can artificial intelligence provide personalized counseling for each student?

The artificial intelligence education tools currently pilot are refreshing because they are tailor -made for each learner.

Some of these tools, such as Khanmigo and Mathia, are already very good, and will only get better and better in the next few years.

What excites this kind of technology is that no matter where students live, it may localize it.

For example, a team of Nairobi is developing Somanasi, a mentor based on artificial intelligence, which is consistent with Kenya's courses.

This name means "learning together" in Swahili. The design of the instructor takes into account the cultural background, so students who use it feel familiar.

Can artificial intelligence help treat high -risk pregnancy?

One woman died every two minutes.This is a terrible statistics, but I hope artificial intelligence can help.Last year, I wrote how the ultrasonic examination of artificial intelligence -driven how to help identify the risk of pregnancy.

This year, I am glad to see researchers at Armman. They hope to use artificial intelligence to improve the success of the delivery of new Indian mothers.

Their large language model will one day become artificial intelligence assistants for medical staff to treat high -risk pregnancy.

It can be used in English and Taluku. The coolest is that it automatically adjusts according to the experience level of the person who uses it -whether you are a completely experienced nurse, or a decades of experienceMedical.

Can artificial intelligence help people evaluate the risk of HIV infection?

For many people, talking to doctors or nurses can make people feel uncomfortable.

However, this information is very important for evaluating the risks of AIDS and other diseases and preventing preventive treatment.

A new chat in South AfricaThe aim is to make the AIDS risk assessment easier.It is like a consultant without prejudice or judgment that can provide all -weather suggestions.

When Sophie Pascoe and her team developed this chat robot, Sophie Pascoe specially considered marginalized people and vulnerable groups -these people often encountered stigma and discrimination when seeking preventive treatment.

Their research results show that this innovative method can help more women understand their risks and take action to protect themselves.

Can artificial intelligence make each medical worker easier to obtain medical information?

When treating critical patients, you need to quickly check their medical records to understand whether they are allergic to a certain drug or have a history of heart disease.Many people have no medical records in Pakistan, which is a big problem.

Maryam Mustafa's team is developing a mobile application that supports voice, which allows Pakistan's pregnant maternal health workers to create medical records more easily.

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