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Generate AI to promote artificial intelligence into the 2.0 era Bai Rongyun created to create AI core combat effectiveness
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2024-02-21 03:55:15Generate AI to promote artificial intelligence into the 2.0 era Bai Rongyun created to create AI core combat effectiveness

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 From models to large models, although there 特快资讯

From models to large models, although there is only one word, AI technology can be divided into two eras.Interestingly, whenever you talk about big models, the topic is difficult to bypass the generation AI.If the big model is regarded as a new base and new engine in the era of artificial intelligence 2.0, the generation AI is a new generation of productive forces driven by it.

Faced with the new era of AI 2.0, as a leading company in the field of artificial intelligence, Bai Rongyun created a new brand strategic adjustment in 2023. Focus on the MAAS business of decision -making AI technology as the base, as well as decision -making -based decision -making typeAI technology and BAAS business formed by in -depth research on the generation AI.

For the AI industry, consolidating the basic ability is the best stepping stalls.To this end, Bai Rongyun's focus is more focused on using AI as the core combat effectiveness, while strengthening the advantages of natural adaptation of general adaptation of AI technology to the vertical field and empowering thousands of industries.Specifically, Bai Rongyun Chuang MAAS business is based on decision -making AI and combined with generatory AI at the same time. It can help users make the best strategy and prediction for specific scenes, and promote the concept of continuous service to promote AI in the vertical industry in the vertical industry.Serviceization and inclusive development.

Based on the effective application of decision -making AI for the MAAS business, Bai Rongyun Chuang will connect the decision -making AI and generation AI, extend the AI capability from the intermediate operation link to the final effect link, so that AI can become available in the vertical industry.It can be seen and perceived, which has formed its own second growth curve -BAAS business.

Behind the establishment of the business path of "MAAS+BAAS" of Bai Rongyun, it is inseparable from the continuous development of the R & D terminal.With strong technical force, Bai Rongyun can more efficient and targeted user needs when serving the vertical industry.Among them, in the financial field, Bai Rongyunchuang is expected to open up a new incremental market by providing services in product marketing, credit decision -making, and wealth management.

Since the beginning of this year, the emergence of phenomena such as ChatGPT has promoted the 2.0 era represented by the artificial intelligence industry into the generation AI.Following the development of overseas in the domestic market, it has set off a round of vigorous "hundred models".Bai Rongyun also followed the trend of the times, and launched the first industrial-driven model BR-LLM, greatly improving the efficiency of the vertical industry.

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