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Focus on keywords such as data assets, big models, artificial intelligence and other keywords, 2023 China Digital Annual Meeting is full of dry goods!
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2024-02-21 04:12:55Focus on keywords such as data assets, big models, artificial intelligence and other keywords, 2023 China Digital Annual Meeting is full of dry goods!

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From December 7th to 9th, the 2023 China Digitalization Annual Conference was held in Chengdu, Sich 爆料资讯

From December 7th to 9th, the 2023 China Digitalization Annual Conference was held in Chengdu, Sichuan.The theme of the conference is "Digital Traveling Zhiyuan", gathered leaders and industry leaders in the digital field.The two summit forums held online are full of dry goods.What wonderful views do big coffees bring, this article reviews with you!

2023 China Digital Academic Annual Conference

As an important part of the Chinese Digital Annual Conference, on December 9, the China Software Industry Association Information Director (CIO) Branch, the Digital Industry Innovation Research Center, and the "Chinese University Science and Technology" magazine co -sponsored the 2023 Chinese digital academic annual conference.The annual meeting brought together well -known experts, scholars and a number of academic journals at home and abroad, and jointly discussed the latest research results and future development trends in the digital field in the form of theme reports and academic exchanges.

New country

Professor and doctoral supervisor of the School of Mechanical and Power Engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University

Data is a basic value -driven element in the new world order.The use of real -time data intelligence as a digital change catalyst can provide the organization with competitive advantage, enabling the organization to analyze different data sources and data streams in real time, and seamlessly spread within the organization and across tissue.

King ship

Professor and Ph.D. of the School of Management of Ocean University of China

In order to avoid information loss, more and more scenarios tend to dig and analyze full -quantity data. Among them, only a small part of the data is structured, not structured data. ThereforeBig data technologies with various mixed data have been widely used and developed widely.Among them, big data prediction analysis occupying an important position has also been analyzed from mainly based on causal relationships to an analytical model based on correlation.

Sun Yuan

Secretary of the Party Committee, Deputy Dean, Professor of the School of Business Administration, Zhejiang University of Technology

Technical resources have characteristics that are different from traditional resources. Therefore, different resource arrangement methods are needed for technical resources, and these resource arrangement activities will further form a different value co -creation model.As a leading enterprise in the intelligent voice industry, HKUST Xunfei has gradually constructed the "platform+track" innovation ecosystem based on technical resources. The system integrates the characteristics of the R & D ecosystem and the commercial ecosystem, which is in line with the definition of innovative ecosystems.

Sun Jie

Expert Member of the Information Director of the China Software Industry Association (CIO) Branch

CCF expert member of the China Computer Society

At present, the watershed of digital transformation is invested by a single point of the original market, client, production, and marketing. It has gradually evolved into how to build a customer -centric enterprise -centered digitalization and the sustainable development of full -link business.The in -depth integration of technology and industrial chain and supply chain helps enterprises play an important role in fighting risks and enhanced toughness.

Wu Jun

Professor and doctoral supervisor of the Department of Management Science and Management of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

Digital innovation caused by the new generation of information technology is: subversive innovators, constantly creating new products (services), reshaping new processes, and breeding new formats; combined innovators, promoting product services integration, accelerating online and offline, promoting numbers to promote numbersSymbiosis; demand excitement innovation, identify potential needs of users, innovate technology application scenarios, and customize value claims on demand.

Huo Biao

Member of the Party Committee of Shangwei, Chairman of Trade Union, Comprehensive Director of Trade Union

Digital transformation is not achieved overnight. It is a process of continuous improvement and iterative upgrades. Digital transformation needs to follow the general objective laws of corporate development, deepen the systemic, long -term and arduous nature, do a good job of planning layout and top -level design., Based on the innovative pilot experience of key process quality management, the application and implementation of the entire field, all -round, process, and all employees will be gradually realized in enterprises.

Global Commercial Smart Forum of Lyon Business College, France

——AIGC and Enterprise Digitalization Strategy

The digital transformation strategy is the development strategy of the enterprise, and the core of the digital transformation strategy of an enterprise is to continuously expand data assets.The emergence of AIGC will become a huge revolution in digital transformation of enterprises. It will really promote human beings to enter the stage of digital civilization. We need to think of digital transformation with new thinking.According to Xiong Peter's "innovation is the re -arrangement of products and services", for enterprises, innovation is the most fundamental strategic goal.At the same time, AIGC further strengthened how enterprises were re -arranged through data elements. After completing the accumulation of data assets, how to use AIGC to play the value of data assets will become the key.The Global Commercial Intelligence Center of Lyon Business School in France invited relevant professors, scholars, entrepreneurs and executives at home and abroad to discuss this topic together.

Gong Yeming

Professor of Management Science, Lyon School of Business, France

Dean of the School of Artificial Intelligence Management (AIM), Lyon School of Business, France

Director of the Global Commercial Intelligence Center (BIC) of Lyon Business College, France

GDBA mentor GDBA mentor of Global Business Administration, Lyon Business College, France

Investigation and research shows that during the current period of economic difficulties and fierce competition, there are not many unicorn companies in the top 100 companies in 2023, the decline in foreign -funded enterprises, difficulty in operating SMEs, the reduction of the universe, carbon neutralization, the carbon neutralization, and the carbon neutralizationThe development of fittest is not fast with green manufacturing; but at the same time, the new generation of artificial intelligence technology represented by AIGC has attracted attention in the field of intelligent manufacturing, and the competition pattern of new energy companies has become clear.The role and regional differences have narrowed, and enterprises related to key technologies related to the stuck neck have developed. All this foreshadows a new opportunity for economic development.

Yang Jiahuan

Amazon Cloud Technology Product Expert

The generation AI is not just a big model. The basic model is just the tip of the iceberg. It needs to rely on data analysis, database, data integration, accelerated chip and other services and products to support it.The mission of Amazon Cloud Technology is to realize the "inclusiveness" of the generation AI, provide a complete generation of AI stack, help enterprises and developers to release the potential of generating AI, and stimulate new commercial potential.

Liang Suyu

Vice President of Chuangxiang Capital Investment

Since the beginning of this year, the XR industry has shown two major driving force. The first is that AI has accelerated the implementation of AR devices and Apple MR has matured the ecology of the AR software. Therefore, the industry will quickly usher in an inflection point and will achieve a comprehensive outbreak after 5 years.At present, the XR industry has ushered in catalysis, and related investment opportunities are worthy of attention, especially in the MR field will bring a real new application ecosystem.

Wang Zezhong

Tencent Smart Travel East China Solution Header

GDBA student GDBA students in Global Business Administration, Lyon Business College, France

Large models have spawned the "efficiency" revolution, improved the quality of the industry, and achieved the four major effects of capable of being more "strong", more "high", more "wide", and more "deep".Wang Zhezhong specifically pointed out that the automobile intelligent medical examination will continue to advance with the industry, helping car companies to build personalized cockpit and build a brand personalized experience.

Wang Rui

General Manager of Anshi Asia Pacific Technology Co., Ltd. Chuangcheng Business Department

GDBA student GDBA students in Global Business Administration, Lyon Business College, France

Chuangcheng design is an exploratory design method. The use of algorithms and computers to generate design solutions to provide designers with unprecedented innovation tools. It is widely used in aerospace molds, medical applications, and automotive manufacturing. As a result, it has opened up.It has a new era of design change.

Xiao Guang

Deputy General Manager of Shanghai Youye Information Technology Co., Ltd.

As a "Gaode Navigation" in the field of energy management, the excellent energy intelligent navigation system of Digital AI is a intelligent control system that can cover the full stack of energy media, helping steel companies to narrow the pressure fluctuations of the pipe network.He concluded that the principle of large industrial energy -saving carbon reduction 3.0 is "seeing" instead of "thinking", and "thinking" without "excellent", so that it can help the energy -saving carbon reduction in the high energy consumption industry.

Pan Yuwen

Shanghai Enterprise Technology Co., Ltd. (AMT) partner GDBA GDBA GDBA

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