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Party education: Clear the fog of thought, firm the political system self -confidence
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2024-02-21 03:17:32Party education: Clear the fog of thought, firm the political system self -confidence

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 From the 爆炸新闻

 From the beginning of reading, I found it around meThere are a lot of "angry youths". Some classmates and friends, including some of our comrades, like to talk about China's political system, always feel that there is a more ideal world in Europe and the United States, and it is not so confident in ourselves.We feel that some comrades have many misunderstandings about the political system, and this is often the source of everyone's unconfident.Today we will talk to you about these misunderstandings and talk about the truth behind some "angry youths", and stand up to our confidence in the country and the political system.

1. Don't look at Europe and the United States high, our system is actually great

Some comrades think Europe and the United StatesThe general election system of "one person, one vote" is very democratic, and the selected leaders can better meet people's expectations.However, as we all know, there are many factors that affect elections in the European and American models, such as religious beliefs, personal images, eloquence, etc., but the most important ability is marginalized. On government management experience, Bush's first time before Ren Dezhou Governor, Obama was the first time in Obama for the first time.When he was the president of the United States, his qualifications were not as good as a county magistrate in China.In 2008, a serious fiscal crisis in California, the United States. The famous movie star Arnasosons served as the governor at the time. He had no government management experience. During his administration, the California fiscal deficit not only reduced it, but increased several times. In the endThe former fans surrounded the state government building and strongly demanded to dismiss him.

In fact, my country's system is more conducive to talent selection and training.Our cadres must be promoted step by step from the grassroots.Data Display,Of the more than 7 million cadres, only 14,000 in the main level, which takes an average of 23 years.So what about our Chinese leaders? Which one of Chinese and European and American leaders is strong? Now that China has risen at such a high speed, it should be said that it is inseparable from our talent selection and training mechanism.

Some comrades believe that the European and American multi -party governance and the separation of three powers can better prevent corruption.But according to transparent international(The global famous non -profit anti -corruption organization) The global cleanliness index ranking released by China has ranked between 70 and 80 in recent years. Compared with the developed countries, Greece also ranks 94th, Argentina, Argentina, Argentina.Ranking 102nd.Statistics show that more than half of the about 100 countries after China are elected democratic countries. If many comrades think, Europe and the United States can better prevent corruption than our system.Why do we rank more than us in so many countries?

In fact, my country's system can more effectively curb corruption.Everyone may be curious. Now the masses are very dissatisfied with corruption. How can we draw such a conclusion?In fact, China is now in a period of economic steaming and social transformation. Looking at human history, this stage is a general high incidence of corruption.In the 19th century, the seats of the British lawmakers were available for sale; American corruption was rampant to the police to collude with businessmen to murder at will; the Japanese Meiji Restoration period also colluded with large -scale officials and businessmen.Comrades who understand history know that China and these countries have too many economic flight periods.

Many people are keen to discuss"Red Second Generation" and "Official Second Generation".But do you know that European and American politics has been ruled by the family of wealthy for a long time. Taking the United States as an example, since the beginning of the founding of the country, it has gradually produced the "five major giants" family such as Adams, Bush, and Kennedy, so many people talk about American politics., Son and wife in turn.In addition, the campaign in the United States needs to be propagated, otherwise the candidates do not even have the opportunity to be recognized by everyone. Therefore, they need consortium support, and the leaders who choose will naturally have a exchange with the consortium.Professor Zhang Wei said such a sentence: One hundred Chinese people cannot control the Central Politburo, while the richest 20 and 30 Americans can control the White House.The Central Discipline Inspection Commission released the news and decided to conduct an organizational investigation into the Hebei Provincial Party Secretary Zhou Benshun. This was the first time that the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China was investigated in the provincial party committee secretary, and everyone exclaimed again.In recent years, the Party Central Committee of the Central Committee has anti -corruption. The world has seen China's action. We should have confidence in corruption.

Some comrades believe that European and American multi -party governance and three powers can better balance the interests of all parties, and ruling more democratic and scientific.A decision in Europe and the United States must be reviewed and discussed by different departments such as the two houses of the parliament, the presidential palace and other departments, and the long procedures.Its advantages are theoretically considered to be able to contain power and avoid huge mistakes.However, from a reality, this method is not only very efficient, but also the final decision -making decisions often become dominant due to the mutual compromise of different interest groups.

In contrast, the advantage of my country's political system is that decision -making is more rational, neutral, and efficient.Everyone knows that it is an era of energy crisis. A company in California made solar buses in the United States has repeatedly encountered walls in the United States.Because this involves the interests of the traditional automobile industry and energy companies, they have strong political forces behind them.Later, the company decided to try their luck to China, and was immediately accepted by the Guangzhou Municipal Government, and the municipal government quickly replaced a batch of bus.This is the advantage of our Chinese system. It can make rational decisions from the overall interests of the entire country and the people. As long as the government recognizes the correct direction, it can act quickly and effectively.

Of course, the examples of the above are incomplete. They are listed, but I just want to tell everyone that about the two systems, many facts are not like that, the European and American models are not so good.

2. Don't underestimate yourself, China's achievements are unparalleled worldwide

The national system is good or not, the facts have the final say.Today, we will not tell you"Chang'e" is around the moon, the aircraft carrier is laid down, and the "dragon dragon" enters the sea. It will not talk to you about the "Belt and Road", the establishment of the AIIB, and the withdrawal of Nepal. We will talk about things around us.

This is Changsha, Hunan. The picture above is Huanghua Airport. It is very beautiful. Below is the subway just opened last year. It is also very beautiful, but it seems that there is nothing to think about. Such airports and subways are now abound in Chinese cities in China.But let's take a look at the airports and subway stations in the two groups. What you may not think is that this is the largest city in the United States New York and the airport and subway station in Berlin, Germany.Thirty years have passed, and this world seems to be upside down, and our minds in our minds seem to have been unhappy, as if staying in this photo.This is the old photo of Changsha, this is the Changsha today, this intermediate span is30 years; Europe has begun capital accumulation from the first industrial revolution. To this day, it has developed for more than 250 years; the total economic volume before the First World War in the United States is already the world's number one.During this period, it also plundered the wealth of other countries in large numbers. Today, it is today. Therefore, many scholars, including foreign scholars, have said that we have achieved more than 30 years of achievements and unparalleled worldwide.

General Secretary Xi Jinping said:"The people's longing for a better life is our goal of struggle." Speaking of the most fundamental, the country is good, and our people have the most right to speak.Petou Research Center is a well -known independent investigation agency and is famous all over the world with objective and authenticity. The investigation report of the agency shows that 70%of the people believe that the past 5 years of life will be improved;It can be seen that the two data are significantly ahead of European, American, and Asian developed countries.The results of the global youth polls released by the British "Financial Times" last year showed that 93%of China's post -90s post -90s were optimistic about the future of the country.

South KoreaKBS TV launched a documentary entitled "Super China". Once it was broadcast, it caused a huge response in South Korea and set off a "Chinese heat" in all walks of life in South Korea.Traditional Western documentary habits show the poorest and dark side of China, and the film has made a comprehensive introduction to China's development status and impact on the world from the aspects of economic, military diplomacy, cultural soft power and politics.Show the rise of China.

It should be said that under the leadership of the party, the rapid rise of China today is also an indisputable fact.Then we are aroundWhy is there so many "angry youth"? I summarized it. There are three reasons for it: first, because of the rebellion of young people, I like to be different and get used to blindly. The other is a phenomenon of siege.Most people do not understand politics, history, and global conditions; the third point is critical and worthy of our high vigilance, that is, there is a kind of dark power in malicious guidance.

Third, don’t blind the eyes, there is another truth behind the angry youth

Today, there are a lot of institutional articles that slander the party and the government on Weibo and WeChat, not only have views and data, but also series, do you feel suspicious?In fact, these are by no means average people, but a planned and step -by -step cultural aggression in the Western anti -China forces.The "Color Revolution" in the United States has formulated a series of strategies. There are nine major methods. One of them is called "Political Opopoly".The ugliness of the Chinese system is to achieve the purpose of triggering riots to promote peaceful evolution.

History is always amazing.Some time ago, a memories article "Never Believe in the United States" written by the former Soviet officer Cosbieliakovic was circulated on the Internet.The Russian radio station of "Moscow Spring", the author said: "In listening, I know that the original so -called Soviet is a political party of extreme nationalism. The entire Soviet Union is from surprise to turbulence in such lies.After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the author described this: "We did not see that the" blueprint "given by American democratic scholars and young fighters before.What I saw was a poor, tragic defeat! "

At the Shangri -La dialogue, Obama had such remarks:"If more than 1 billion Chinese residents live in the same life of Australians and Americans, the earth will be in a very tragic situation because they cannot withstand pressure, because the supply of earth resources is limited.Life must curb China's development. "

There are often such remarks on the Internet:"Anti -Party is not an anti -country" and "party does not represent the country" is completely fallacy.They said that Libya said that they only opposed Gaddafi, but the fact was that hundreds of thousands of innocent people were killed, and the houses of countless Libyan people were blown up.The United States said that only Saddam did not oppose Iraq. As a result, during the Iraq war, the people hid in the air -raid cave and were directly high -temperature gasification by drilling land missiles. These are the "models" they want to copy in China.If our generation cannot see through it and pierce it, the consequences will be devastating.

4. Don't lose your direction, don't forget your first mind in mind your mission

Here, we speak four keywords:"Independence", "confidence", "understanding politics", "talking about politics"."independent".We are talking about ideological independence. Faced with the "angry youth" remarks on the Internet, we might as well think more about it. Is the problem they talked about whether it is Chinese characteristics or human common problems? Don't be like many angry youths.Make complaints."confidence".It refers to self -confidence in the country and the system.We should look at the global perspectives, objectively and dialectically understand the issues of elections, corruption, and government governance, and objectively look at the pros and cons of the two systems. Do not look at it, do not look at Europe and the United States, and firmly establish self -confidence in our political system."Understand politics."It means that on the one hand, we must really understand our political system and the advantages of our political system; on the other hand, we must understand the political game between the country and the country, and to see the truth behind the discreditation of party and political image and hype hot news on the Internet."Politics."It is the essential requirements of our party members. We must not only have the soul, but also love the party and believe in the party and the party firmly. At the same time, there should be a responsibility. When the relatives and friends around them "angry" our motherland and systemConfidently tell him the story of Chinese and help them be a self -alert, self -esteem, and confidence Chinese.

Comrades, we talk about souls and politics. This is by no means empty talk, because he does be related to our life and death, everyone thinks about Iraq and Syria above.We must be an independent, political and confident party member, with soul, politics, politics, and actively spread"Positive energy", persuade the infected people around you.The Chinese have been standing up for so long, and the enemy also wants our young people to be a slave to their thoughts. We will never agree. Do you say it is? Finally, borrow a sentence from Professor Cui Weiping as the end: how do you, China will then then in ChinaHow about, if you have light, China is no longer dark.

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