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Google's parent company Alphabet set a new high of two months due to artificial intelligence -led advertising sales reform
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2024-02-21 10:38:26Google's parent company Alphabet set a new high of two months due to artificial intelligence -led advertising sales reform

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 CHINAZ.com (chinaz.com) December 21 News:On Wednesday, a report on Wednesday, with a report pointe

CHINAZ.com (chinaz.com) December 21 News:On Wednesday,news express website a report on Wednesday, with a report pointed out that this technology giant is preparing to carry out major reforms on the global advertising platform.Googleparent company Alphabet The stock price rose.This move andAIThe generated sales growth is relatedEssence

Google, Google

According to "The Information", Google -both operate the search engine of the same name, but also operate the video sharing website YouTube —It is increasing the dependence on advertising for artificial intelligence. These advertisements can be sold to global customersEssence

These are mainly automated sales, and the sales generated are as high as tens of billions of dollars, which has a higher profit margin than the traditional advertising -related revenue regulated by personnel.

Therefore, "The Information" reportsGoogle is considering planning to reorganize its advertising sales team with 30,000 people in the next few months, and may be cut off.Essence

Google reported that within the three months of September, the overall advertising revenue reached a record 59.65 billion US dollars.Among them, Youtube was led by 12.4% to $ 7.95 billion.Search and other income increased 11% to $ 44.03 billion.

Looking forward to 2024,Analysts expect the upcoming elections, the Paris Summer Olympics, and the 2024 European Football Championship will promote global advertisingEssenceIt is expected that the development of artificial intelligence technology will bring further growth to Google and Facebook's parent company Meta.

JMP Securities analyst Andrew Boone said in the recent customer description: "In view of the size of Meta and Google, we believe that these two platforms are gaining the benefits of artificial intelligence."

"in particular,The user base and database owned by Meta and Google, as well as significant engineering and infrastructure resourcesEssence"

He added: "Therefore,Both companies have obviously benefited from artificial intelligence improvement users and advertisers products, and as the technology matures, we expect this to be transformed into continuous revenue growth in 2024Essence"

In the morning on Wednesday, local time, Google's stock price rose 3.15%, and the transaction price was $ 140.82 per share, which is the level of more than two months.

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