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After a century, Paris welcomes another "sports year"
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2024-02-21 04:10:51After a century, Paris welcomes another "sports year"

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Quan Hongyu/Chen Taro is expected to continue to fight in the international arena.(Xinhua News Agen 特快资讯

Quan Hongyu/Chen Taro is expected to continue to fight in the international arena.(Xinhua News Agency)

Can Guoping No. 1 Men's Singles and the world's number one Fan Zhendong continue to dominate the men's table tennis?(Xinhua News Agency)

Zhang Yuzhang, who coexists with face value and strength, is expected to create more miracles.@ @视 视

In 2024, the World Sports ushered in another "year of the ceremony". Paris ushered in the return of the Olympic Games after a century."Singing", the new trend of Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo's career is worthy of attention; with the rise of the new generation, can the marathon world record be refreshed again?What are the new trends of domestic horseshow fever?Let's walk into the 2024 World Sports together.


The Australian Open Unveil the Musica who competes with

1.1-1.7 ATP China Open China Open

2023.12.29-1.7 Tennis Joint Cup (Australia, Sydney)

1.5-1.19 Dakar Rally (Saudi Arabia)

1.7 Xiamen Marathon

1.12-2.10 Men's Football Asia Cup (Qatar)

1.14-1.28 Australian Tennis Open (Melbourne)

1.19-2.2 The 4th Winter Youth Olympic Games (Jiangyuan Road, South Korea)

1.30-2.4 Falter Skating Four Continent Championship (Shanghai)

The first show of the ATP New Year was unveiled in Hong Kong, China. This is also the ATP professional tour of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China.In late January, the Australian Open is the start of the four Grand Slam in the new season. Can Nadal, who has healed the injury, challenge the 24th Grand Slam champion Loser Xiaode?

What state and spiritual appearance will the National Football Cup be held in Western Asia?

Dakar Rally no longer grabbed the limelight of the New Year's sports and will start a 7891 kilometer limit in Saudi Arabia.


Single International Saizaki Asia

2.2-2.18 Swimming World Championships (Qataroha)

2.3-2.10 Weightlifting Asian Championships (Uzbekistan Tashng)

2.13-2.18 Badminton Asian Championships (group)

2.16-2.25 Table Tennis World Championships (group) (Busan, South Korea)

2.17-2.27 The 14th National Winter Games (Inner Mongolia)

2.29-3.2 F1 Grand Prix Unveiling War (Barin)

The swimming and table tennis World Championships followed, the weightlifting and badminton Asian Championships came one after another. F1 opened the game. All of the above -mentioned heavyweight international events were in Asia, forming a trend of all flowers.

The 14th National Winter Games was held in Inner Mongolia. Peng Junyue, a two -person sled athlete from Guangzhou, struggled with his teammates and cooperated with tacit understanding. He played well in the ending group relay and men's dual sled competitions, harvesting 1 gold and 1 silver.


Spring Blossom Marathon Spray

3.1-3.3 CBA All-Star Weekend (Xiamen)

3.1-3.3 Indoor Track and Field World Championships (Glasgow, UK)

3.3 Tokyo Marathon

3.7-3.10 Speed Skating World Championships (Germany Inca)

3.6-3.17 WTA Indian Verx

3.12-3.17 Badminton Open (Birmingham, UK)

3.15-3.17 Short-track Speed Sliding World Championship (Dutch Rotterdam)

3.18-3.24 Flower Skating World Championships (Montreal, Canada)

3.21 World Preliminary Tournament Singapore VS Chinese Team

3.24 Wuxi Marathon

3.26 World Preliminaries The second stage of the Chinese team VS Singapore team

3.31 Zhengkai Marathon (Zhengzhou, Kaifeng)

3.31-4.11 Weightlifting World Cup (Phuket, Thailand)

In March, the northern outdoor event began. The marathon started in many places. The sixth major Sklink Marathon ushered in the first stop of Tokyo.

The World Tennis Tour moves in North America. The Indian Vels is the first ATP/WTA1000 men's and women's competition in the season. It is one of the important degree of the Tennis Tour of the Grand Slam level.Essence


China Contest China Peak Duel

4.5-4.7 Swimming World Cup First Station (Beijing)

4.6 CBA regular season end

4.9-4.14 Badminton Asian Championships (single item) (place to be determined)

4.10 CBA playoffs start

4.15 Boston Marathon

4.19-4.21 F1 China Grand Prix (Shanghai)

4.21 London Marathon

4.19-4.21 Diving World Cup Super Final (Xi'an)

4.28-5.5 Toms Cup and Uber Cup Group Championship (Chengdu)

April (to be determined) International Table Tennis Federation Men and Women's Singles World Cup (Macau, China)

In April, a number of international competitions staged a peak duel in China. Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, Chengdu and Macau blossomed.

It is worth mentioning that because the period of 2023 is relatively compact, the F1 China Grand Prix fails to be held as scheduled. In 2024, Chinese fans will no longer miss the peak of the speed and passion of viewing and passion.

The F1 China Grand Prix not held in 2023 will be held as scheduled this year.(Xinhua News Agency)


European Football League Welcome Day

5.10-5.26 Ice Hockey Championships (Czech Republic)

5.14-5.19 World Women's Volleyball League (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

5.18 The Finals of the Bundesliga and Ligue 1 league

5.19 Premier League end

5.26 Serie A Federation

5.26-6.9 French Tennis Open (Paris)

5.31 CBA playoffs end

In May, the focus of the world sports was in Europe.After the traffic stars such as Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo left Europe and went to North America and Asia to end, who could carry the banner of traffic superstar?

French Open was held in Roland Garorus in the Olympic Games. Can Nadal regain the former territory?This battle will directly affect his battle in the Paris Olympic Games to impact the Olympic men's singles second gold.


Hot June Fire Football Season

6.6 The second stage of the preliminaries of the World Tournament China Team VS Thailand Team

6.11 World Preliminaries The second stage of the Korean team vs Chinese team

6.11-6.16 World Women's Volleyball League (Hong Kong, China)

6.14-7.14 European Cup (Germany)

6.20-7.14 America Cup (United States)

6.29-7.21 Ring Road Cycling (France, Italy)

The European and American football ceremony before the Olympic Games also attracted the attention. There is no doubt that Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo will usher in a highlight moment when the national team will play.Messi, who has won 44 championships, may participate in eight events in 2024, and strive to create an unprecedented eight championship feat.If Messi can defend the American Cup and seize the Olympic gold medal, it is expected to become the first person in 50.

Messi is expected to become the first person in the 50th international football.@ @视 视


Back to Paris after a hundred years of Olympic Games

7.1-7.14 Wimbledon (London, England)

7.19-7.21 F1 Hungary Station (Budapest)

7.26-8.11 Paris Olympic Games (Paris, France)

7.26-7.28 F1 Belgium Station (Spa Francorey)

In 2024, the Olympic Games will return to the founder of the Modern Olympic Movement, Gu Bidan's hometown France.Paris held two Olympic Games in 1900 and 1924, respectively.From 1924 to 2024, Paris will return to the Olympic Games again after a century.

The opening ceremony of the Paris Olympics will break the tradition of the Olympic Stadium and be held on the Seine River.Whether Chinese athletes can create the best record of overseas Olympic Games can wait and see.

From 1924 to 2024, Paris will return to the Olympic Games again after 100 years.@ @视 视


The Chinese Legion Battle Paralympic Games

8.6 The Unveiling Battle of the League of Ligue 1

8.23 The Unveiling of the Bundesliga

8.23-8.25 F1 Grand Prix Dutch Station (Zandford)

8.26-9.8 US Tennis Open (New York)

8.28-9.8 Paris Paralympic Games

8.30-9.1 F1 Italian Grand Prix (Monza)

In the summer season, the European Football League in the new season opens the game. Stars such as Mbappe will continue to rule European football. A group of new stars that experience the European and American Cups will appear in the European field, which is worthy of attention.

The final battle of the Four Tennis Grand Slam was held in Flushing Park, New York. Whether Djokovic can continue to ride the dust in 2024, this suspense will be announced in the US Open.

The Paris Paralympic Games was grandly opened, and the Chinese Legion continued to start a trip to the gold. This is a key battle for China to consolidate the foundation of a large sports country and a sports power.


Tennis Chinese season reveals the game

9.13-15 F1 F1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix (Baku)

9.16-9.22 WTA Ningbo Open

9.17-9.22 Badminton China Open (Changzhou)

9.18-9.24 ATP Chengdu Open

9.18-9.24 ATP Zhuhai Open

9.20-9.22 F1 Singapore Grand Prix (Singapore)

9.25-10.6 ATP, WTA China Tennis Open (Beijing)

9.29 Berlin Marathon

The ATP and WTA Tennis Tour started the Chinese season. Ningbo, Chengdu, Zhuhai, and Beijing took the lead. Whether Chinese tennis players Zheng Qinwen and Zhang Zhizhen could lead the national players at the "home" and will directly affect their world rankings and next season.Seed seats.

Will Zheng Qinwen have a brighter performance in the new season?(Xinhua News Agency)

Founded in 2004, the Chinese Tennis Open will usher in the 20th anniversary of Daqing. New weather and new breakthroughs are worthy of attention.


Guangzhou Tennis Open Battle

10.2-10.13 ATP Shanghai Masters

10.7-10.13 WTA Wuhan Open

10.13 Chicago Marathon

10.14-10.20 WTA Zhengzhou Open

10.18-10.20 Swim World Cup (Shanghai)

10.18-10.20 F1 US Grand Prix (Austin)

10.21-10.27 WTA Guangzhou Open

10.25-10.27 F1 Mexican Grand Prix (Mexico City)

10.28-11.3 WTA Hong Kong Open

10.28-11.3 WTA Jiangxi Open

The popularity of the Chinese tennis season this month is not ascending. The Shanghai Masters Cross -National Cross -National Cross holiday. Whether Federer and Djokovic can return to Shanghai Beach are the most concerned hotspots for Chinese fans.

The WTA Guangzhou International Women's Tennis Open will start in the end of this month. This season, Guangzhou's weather is comfortable and pleasant. What new appearance will be displayed in Guangwang 20 years, it is worthy of attention.


"City of Double Olympics" Beijing Welcome to the Ice and Snow Season

11.3 New York Marathon

11.3-11.10 WTA year-end finals (place to be determined)

11.10-11.17 ATP annual finals (Turin, Italy)

11.19-11.24 World Badminton China Masters (Shenzhen)

11.29-12.1 Skating World Cup Beijing Station Beijing Station

International Table Tennis Federation Hybrid Group World Cup (Chengdu)

In November, the high latitudes of the northern hemisphere entered the winter, and the ice and snow sports appeared again. As the world's first "Double Olympic City", Beijing will usher in a number of world -class ice and snow contests.

At the end of the season, the WTA and ATP year -end finals will determine the end of the year.In the end of the "three giants", who can become the "giant successor"?


Guangma starts a new journey

12.6-12.8 Shortway speed skating World Cup Beijing Station

12.6-12.8 F1 Grand Prix ended (Abu Dhabi)

12.8 Guangzhou Marathon (first set)

12.11-12.15 World Badminton Tour Finals (Hangzhou)

12.29-2025.1.7 Joint Cup Tennis Hybrid Team Tournament (Australia, Sydney)

In 2023, the Guangzhou Marathon completed the tenth event, and the second decade plan will be opened in 2024.In 2023, the number of registers in Guangma in 24 hours exceeded 100,000, and eventually more than 140,000 people registered, reaching a record high.This young event, which is sought after by runners, will be able to continue its efforts in tapping the local cultural connotation, enhancing the competition service and runner's experience.

In 2024, Guangma will open the second ten -year plan.(Xinhua News Agency)

Planning/Guangzhou Daily All Media Reporter Chen Weisheng

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