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How to make artificial intelligence more user -friendly in 2024: Look at the discussion of Americans
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2024-02-21 10:29:41How to make artificial intelligence more user -friendly in 2024: Look at the discussion of Americans

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 Next year, large technology companies cannot be the only company to build artificial intelligen

Next year,时事新闻 large technology companies cannot be the only company to build artificial intelligence.Regulators need to let more people participate.

In 2023, the computer began to show as strange as humans.As Ilya Sutskever's Ilya Sutskever of OpenAI, you can imagine artificial intelligence as a "digital brain" and a brain that directly imitates the human brain.Just like children, artificial intelligence also has motivation to learn from people around.If ChatGPT is a child, it will grow among OpenAI companies with a market value of $ 90 billion and learn to maximize profits.

If an artificial intelligence for profit is given the task of treating cancer patients, will it solve cure or continuous treatment?The answer is the most income, but artificial intelligence can give priority to core human values such as health and fairness.If we formulate rules in 2024 to determine who to build artificial intelligence and benefit from it, we can make artificial intelligence more humane and less profitable by profit.

U.S. Congress RO Khanna pointed out: "Artificial intelligence technology has potential to create huge wealth, but we need to ensure that workers get their share, not just those richest people."

Member Conner said that in the dialogue about how artificial intelligence will change our economy, we must give workers a seat.However, OPENAI CEO Sam Altman believes that his artificial intelligence will one day make workers useless.Do you think he is bluffing?He co -founded the cryptocurrency company WorldCoin, claiming that when artificial intelligence finally replaced our work, it intends to allocate wealth to people.It also faces a problem, as a private company, it hopes to obtain biometric data and become a private company with identity identification.

Many artificial intelligence developers, researchers, and regulators, such as Councilor Conner, believe that it is critical to allow more people as possible to master artificial intelligence.Technology always reflects the community that creates it, but the most reflecting this is artificial intelligence.In other words, artificial intelligence is too important, and only large technology companies can develop it.We don't know what artificial intelligence will eventually look like, but experts say that our supervision needs to expand our society's contact with artificial intelligence.

The Internet is a model of success

Mark Surman, chairman of the Mozilla Foundation, believes that non -profit and open source agencies should play an important role in the field of artificial intelligence, just like Wikipedia, Mozilla and Linux's role in early Internet.Ideally, everyone can use artificial intelligence to build module tool packages. These modules are trustworthy, easy to use, and will not steal your data.In his words, "open source Lego in the era of artificial intelligence."

Mark Surman said: "Openai sounds like what they want to build at first, but it feels like they abandon this mission along the way and choose to become a startup."

OpenAI is still controlled by a non -profit board in technology, but the company's profit branches seem to surpass the company.This was clarified in a dramatic outbreak before this year's Thanksgiving. At that time, the board of directors failed to successfully dismiss Sam Ultraman. In the end, they could only leave by themselves.Just like artificial intelligence, humans are also easy to pursue profits in a rich profit environment.

The Internet is a good example, because it has become one of the most useful tools in our society in history. It is largely because it is open to everyone.Mark Surman said that we need to see who controls artificial intelligence and who controls the data below artificial intelligence.

The corruption of technology giants has restricted innovation

"If it is a social media model, or even the OpenAI model, it is a huge, rich, concentrated cloud provider -this does not give me hope, we are creating our true trust and work for us," Mark SuErman said."So we need a different model. We need a model to give the decision -making power and ownership to everyone."

The social media model mentioned by Mark Surman is a privacy disaster for the technology industry.AI21's chief artificial intelligence policy officer, Shanen Boettcher, also said that social media has a way of "fast action and breakthroughs", and rarely pays attention to its impact on society.Today, we also saw similar behaviors in the Genai market.

The application store is another example of a problem when there is a lack of open source mode.Apple and Google soon lock the content distribution through the App Store and Google Play Store. Suddenly, there are only two places in your application, and they can get 30%of profits.Now we see that antitrust regulatory agencies are trying to demolish these billions of dollars after 15 years.For artificial intelligence, 15 years may be too late.

Industry other than large technology companies worry

"Our biggest concern is that we have the gap between artificial intelligence and no artificial intelligence," saidDisclosure. "His company is trying to let artificial intelligence enter the hands of more people.Sengupa hopes that the government can set social goals for artificial intelligence without stifling the innovation of small companies with a tedious process.

He believes that every country has its own unique perspective to look at artificial intelligence.The EU views artificial intelligence from a privacy perspective, while China looks at artificial intelligence from the perspective of "social cohesion".

"From the perspective of the United States, we are looking at it from the perspective of" artificial intelligence will take over the world and hurt us'. Sengupa said: "Many discussions on artificial intelligence are from the perspective of harm, andNot to pay attention to how it gives people power."

Alex Rebman, co -founder of artificial intelligence startup Agent.Ops, said: "We are not optimistic about the current legislation and discussions around it."One of the products, a PDF reader that supports artificial intelligence, is limited when OpenAI launches its own version.Leibman, Betcheal, and Sengupa both expressed concerns about the capture of regulatory capture.If large technology companies have obtained preferential treatment through regulatory capture in the field of artificial intelligence, the result may be devastating.

New Jersey Councilor Josh Gottheimer has recently been attacked for disclosure of disclosure of up to $ 50 million of Microsoft stock options, which was proposed by the X account Quiver Quant.Geterheimer is a member of the group committee of the capital market and illegal finance.

What is the next?

Dr. Ramayya Krishnan is a professor at the University of Carnekmelon, who provides artificial intelligence suggestions for the US Department of Commerce.He said that the United States needs to invest in research, small organizations and startups, which are actually excluded from the main innovators in the field.

"This is Google, Openai, Anthropic, Cohere and Microsoft," Clehinan."If you look at it from history, as a society, as a country, what we benefit from this extensive participation and innovation, universities, small companies, and buses have participated in it."

Fortunately, some efforts have been made in this regard.Senators have created National Artificial Intelligence Research Resources (NAIRR) to provide cloud computing resources for American universities.Kriganan said that this is a huge promotion of artificial intelligence innovation, but only $ 140 million in funds. Kriganan said it needs more investment to compete with large technology companies.

Last week, Li Feifei, an unofficial "artificial intelligence instructor", published a special article in the Wall Street Journal, saying that we need to adopt the "moon landing plan" mentality around artificial intelligence in 2024.In the 1960s, the United States government supported the advancement of its scientific and technological industry, and the innovation promotion lasted for decades.Today, artificial intelligence has a broad prospect, but the public sector needs to invest extensively in the entire artificial intelligence ecosystem.We need to reduce artificial intelligence innovation to the human level.

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