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Happy News Asia Marathon Test Test!Wuxi Marathon
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2024-02-21 03:43:37Happy News Asia Marathon Test Test!Wuxi Marathon

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 Original title: Good News the Asian Marathon Tournament Test!Wuxi Marathon Current affairs information website

Original title: Good News the Asian Marathon Tournament Test!Wuxi Marathon

Marathon Registration News, according to the latest news, Jiaxing Municipal Government2024The Jiaxing Marathon will host the Asian Marathon Test Test.The local media have been celebrating the news.This is an exciting news that will add a lot of glory and reputation to Jiaxing.

The official announcement of the Zhejiang Provincial Sports Bureau 2025 Asia Marathon Championship settled in Jiaxing

It is understood that the Asian Marathon Championship is one of the highest -level marathon championships in Asia. One session in two years has been held for 17 consecutive sessions. It is one of the most famous official marathons in Asia.

According to the plan, the 2025 Asian Marathon Championship was scheduled to be held in Jiaxing in March 2025.At that time, the 45 member associations of Yatian Federation will send athletes to sign up for the competition.

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The Jiaxing Marathon Public Publicity Office of the Asia Marathon Championship test competition is currently underway.A total of 16 million yuan budget covers the 2024 testing competition and the 2025 Asian Championships and the Jiaxing Marathon's operational services.

The Jiaxing Marathon officials announced the Asian Marathon Championship test, 2024 Jiaxing Marathon March 24, 2024.The competition project has three projects: marathon, half marathon, and 5 kilometers of healthy running. The participating scale is 25,000.

If the Asian Marathon Championship test competition is held on March 24, it means that the national team and a large number of elite players need to participate in the test competition. On the same dayWill not hold Wuxi Marathon at the same time.It is not excluded that some players will be decentralized. Of course, the prerequisite is that the goal of the competition is not to participate in the national championship and Olympic trials.

At the same time, there is a long news that the participants have paid attention to it. It is finally revealed that the Wuxi Marathon, which was scheduled to be held on March 24, will not be on the same day as the Wuxi Marathon scheduled to be held on March 24th.conduct.If the Chongqing Marathon and Wuxi Marathon are two distances, and the participating populations have a lot of entry and exit to have a collision period every year, then in Jiaxing in Zhejiang ProvincecityWith Wuxi City, it is bound to consider many factors such as security, transportation, participating groups, and publicity effects. It will not be selected to hold two extra -large marathon events on the same day.

To infer 2024 Wuxi MarathonProbabilityIt will be held in early April, it is understood,The Wuxi Marathon will start registration in the near future. For specific competitions and registration time, please be officially announced by the organizing committee. Please pay close attention to the recent public account and video number notification.

"At the end of March 2024 Wuxi Marathon may hold the Olympic marathon contest at the same time"

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Zhejiang Jiaxing Marathon 嘉 Competition information

Date of competition:In March 2024 (intended, the specific subsequent organizing committee was issued as the subsequent organizing committee)

Starting point of the game:Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province

Competition items and scale:

(1) Marathon (8000 people)

(2) Half Marathon (12,000 people)

(3) 5 kilometers of health running (5000 people)

registration time:The registration has not been launched yet, it is recommended to pay close attention to [Marathon Registration Network] subsequent push messages;

Refer to the competition line:(For the reference of runners)

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