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GM artificial intelligence helps new industrialization and high -quality development
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2024-02-17 05:58:15GM artificial intelligence helps new industrialization and high -quality development

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This article is transferred from: Hefei DailyOn the afternoon of December 20th, GM's artificial int 速递资讯

  This article is transferred from: Hefei Daily

  On the afternoon of December 20th, GM's artificial intelligence helped the new industrialization and high -quality development conference held in Hefei. The theme of the conference was "Accelerating the innovation of general artificial intelligence scenes and helping new industrialization high -quality development."

  It is reported that the conference was one of the activities of the 2023 Huishang to help the Anhui High -quality Development Conference and the establishment of the Establishment of the Huishang Federation.Hosted by Co., Ltd., more than 200 people including Huishang Entrepreneurship, head enterprises in the field of artificial intelligence inside and outside the province, and representatives of well -known investment and financing institutions attended the meeting.Focusing on the role of the industrial Internet, the digital transformation of enterprises, and the demonstration of application scenarios, the representatives of various entrepreneurs can speak smoothly and help the high -quality development of new industrialization in our province.

  At the meeting, Yang Shanlin, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, delivered a keynote speech: AIGC's scientific foundation and application outlook.Academician Yang Shanlin believes that the development of AIGC (artificial intelligence generation content) is inseparable from the support of basic science and basic technologies. Studies in the fields of biology, cognitive science, mathematical computing science, and complex science have played in the development of AIGC.Crucial role.

  Subsequently, Huang Bin, Executive Deputy Dean of the National Research Institute of Research and Economic Research, released the "Test Report on the Development Capability of the Deep Integration of Digital Economy and the Deep Integration of the Digital Economy and the Real Economy".The results showed that the star fire model performed well in various professional qualification examinations, with an average score of 73.5%.In industries with strong technical and standardized technical and standardized, such as computers and automotive engineering are particularly outstanding, the accuracy rate of various vocational qualification examinations has reached more than 70%.

  At the conference site, the launching ceremony of the new industrialized "Hui Shang Bank" was held; the Antelope Industry Internet Co., Ltd. signed a contract with 20 ecological manufacturers including Beijing Qihu Technology Co., Ltd., Hefei Qinggu Information Technology Co., Ltd., Lenovo Anhui BranchDigital transformation and upgrading of small and medium -sized enterprises.

  "We hope to use the platform of the Hui Business Conference to better show our new technologies and new products to the entire industry, and at the same time, in -depth cooperation with more manufacturing companies," Antelope Industry Internet Co., Ltd. Xu Jiajiaexplain.

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