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In the AI era, how can your company live?
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2024-02-21 03:01:38In the AI era, how can your company live?

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 The plan is useless, but the plan is indispensable. Text | Ben Pring Source | Busines First-line information website

The plan is useless, but the plan is indispensable.

Text | Ben Pring

Source | Business Review

The future has come, and it will even be more popular.After many years of laboratory research and the screening of science fiction movies, artificial intelligence has finally entered the reality from dreams and is ready to appear.

Unless you live in isolated from the world, you must have heard of the names of ChatGPT and GPT-4.You may even make trouble, and your child must have been in.So, where should we go now?Artificial intelligence has become extremely powerful, and anyone can see this.

If it continues to make it not to change everything, you can only say that you lack imagination.However, how will artificial intelligence affect our work, life, and even the world?How can we use it to achieve positive results?

We are in the cusp of the storm during major changes.This period of history will eventually be loaded into the future "historical book" -field may also be other record carriers such as "the film downloader" or "implantation chip".In this history, your future is still in a blank state, but how to write the future depends on your next actions depends on the role of your business and individuals in this great change.

In 2017, I co -authored a book with Malcolm Frank and Paul Roehrig, entitled "How to DO When Machines Do Everything,"To.

At that time, the emerging machine learning technology was just in the bud. For corporate executives who wanted to borrow its amazing energy, our works were tantamount to a strategy manual.Time flies. Today, six years later, with the rapid development and maturity of related technologies, I launched this "artificial intelligence Guidance Guide" framework in a timely manner, which consists of six steps.If you and your organization (and your relatives) are thinking about how to swim in this unknown digital field, I hope this guide will be helpful.

Draw a picture

This is an unknown brand -new field, lacking public maps that can be used, so we must hand in hand.We might as well imitate the French practices in the seven -year war: hiring or dispatching scouts into the forest and putting the situation there, such as natural resources, predators, and potential strongholds.

In exchange for 2023, that is, we must carefully choose to set up a special working group composed of the best technical experts inside to explore various artificial intelligence that is emerging every day (in fact can be said to be an hour).Technology and products, actively communicate with analysts and scholars who have been in contact with these tools earlier, and recruit consultants who understand our business processes and can match the corresponding new tools.

In addition, we also need to read various related resources crazy, from the machine learning partition from Mit Technology Review to Reddit, all cannot be let go.

Finally, the most important point, we need to set foot on the "King Avenue" of artificial intelligence to see the lead figures of this new world.Corporate leaders should take the initiative to knock on the door, or more precisely, to knock on the gate of No. 3180, No. 3180, No. 3180, San Francisco, California, and ask the OpenAi company where the station is there, which business needs the help of the other party.

Understanding the development of artificial intelligence has become your inconspicuous responsibility.You must act now, and you cannot wait until the next quarter.Lack of maps, you will not only get lost, but also lose this competition.


"Whoever can be the leader in this field can rule the world." In 2017, Vladimir Putin said in the background of geopolitical turmoil, although it sounds like it will sound like it will soundIt makes people feel uncomfortable, but it can be used to describe the dispute between artificial intelligence between commercial organizations.Which company becomes the leader of this field, which company can rule the world.

However, with the sustainable development of artificial intelligence, a few companies will definitely occupy a leader in this field (in recent years, Google, and the next few years may be Microsoft), but the existence of the antitrust competition law may prevent any company from preventing any company.Complete control of artificial intelligence technology.On the contrary, several companies will become the leader.If possible, your company will also be one of them.

In the past technological development stage, the inventors of the key tools who lead the times are the giants in the field of research: Whitney to a cotton rolling machine, Watt to steam engine, Stephenson (Stephenson) For locomotives, Mercedes, Benz, and Ford, Gates, Gates, to the current graphic user interface (GUI).

If you want to be the master of this future territory, the most reliable way is to become the developer of artificial intelligence technology -you can develop it yourself directly, or cooperate with others, form alliances, or use investment funds to develop.

As the core of artificial intelligence, the development of large language models (LLMS) will still be held by a few very professional software engineering companies.However, integrate and customize these large language models with other component technologies and processes (this may be exactly where your company's expertise lies), which is enough to make your skills a "component part" and be installed on artificial intelligence.More complicated "engine".

Different technical areas (including user interfaces, digital incarnations, integration, hosting and management services) and many companies (including artificial intelligence businesses such as wealth management, medical diagnosis and education, etc.) will face the above opportunities.The closer to the creative source of cutting -edge exclusive artificial intelligence, the more beneficial to your organization.


In the words of "Wired" magazine, the editor of the magazine, Kevin Kelly, in the future, human work will become "X+AI" model in the future. Among them, "X" is any work done by humans. "AI "is part of artificial intelligence.This simple words contain profound insight.

Whether you are a programmer, doctor, teacher, administrative staff, or company CEO, whether you are in a car manufacturing company, bank, insurance company, or online game company, it will introduce artificial intelligence into daily work, products and servicesStrike the end of the peak of performance.

In an article entitled "The Myth of Bad Robots", I outlined the core priority of the future is how to deal with the density and complexity at a faster and faster speed.data.

At present, the grasp of this core priority has become compulsory, not optional.As an individual or group, you and your company may not directly develop tools, techniques or skills related to artificial intelligence, but no matter what occupation you are engaged in, combined with the work content, deploy and optimize these tools, techniques or skills.It will become a key element for you to get the lead in this artificial intelligence competition.

Being able to process a lot of information faster than competitors and provide corresponding legal insights at the same time, such legal firm will become the darling of the market; it can infer the subtle fashion direction than competitors, whileAdapting to market demand, such retailers can also grow into the future industry.

In addition, as we often emphasize, artificial intelligence itself does not destroy positions and organizations, but the use of artificial intelligence personnel and organizations will definitely destroy the positions and organizations that avoid artificial intelligence.


For many years, I have been artificial intelligence enthusiasts and preachers (the title of my undergraduate thesis is "On the Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence" -know, it was 1983!).I was very excited to see the eventually breakthrough in artificial intelligence to enter the mainstream consciousness.

But in comparison, I have a long history as a group of rebels in the group. As this predecessor said, "refusing to join any club where you pull you as a member", the field of artificial intelligence fields, artificial intelligence fieldIntellectuality has aroused my anti -traditional thinking.I can't help but think of a famous saying of Oscar Wilde: Whenever people agree with me, I always feel that I must be wrong.

If everyone thinks that the future trend must be the "X+AI" mode, then the actual results are likely not to be the case.For workplace and enterprises, this idea will evolve into reverse artificial intelligence, that is, in the present or foreseeable future, it is clearly designed around the place where artificial intelligence cannot be available, creating corresponding positions, products, orServe.In essence, that is, choose to do the opposite, and do not take the usual way.

For example: hotels and employees can work hard in providing non -technical "experience", which may include the so -called "digital detoxification" (far -free electronic equipment) service; department stores can focus on improving artificial customer service of irrelevant technology;Financial consultants can also make more effort to improve the quality of non -technical suggestions and guarantees.

In the future for several years, artificial intelligence will penetrate more in all aspects of our work and life. This is undoubted, but we should not ignore that it is expected that the output value will reach US $ 135 billion by 2025Among the $ 4.5 trillion global IT industry, it only occupies a relatively small share, and the IT industry itself is only a small part of the global economy with a total value of up to $ 1 million.

In other words, as far as general technology or proprietary technologies such as artificial intelligence are concerned, no matter how fast its development is in the next few years, there is still a lot of opportunities to wait for us outside the technical field.

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Artificial intelligence seems to have some kind of "Zhao Zhao's destiny" characteristics -no matter how we feel or collectively think about it, this natural and irreversible active force will gradually appear on the stage of history.

However, it is important to emphasize that artificial intelligence, as a product created by human beings, is still controlled by humans.For artificial intelligence, there are many supporters, and there are many opponents -for various reasons, some critics believe that we should suspend or stop the research and development and deployment of artificial intelligence, or at least legislative constraints on the above process.

Sometimes these reasons are based on the consideration of philosophical levels.People are worried that artificial intelligence may not be controlled by humans, which will cause us to fall into the ending of "2001 Space Roaming" (2001: A Space Odyssey).Just like the classic line of artificial intelligence characters in the movie, "I'm sorry, David. I'm afraid I can't do it."

Sometimes it is the reason for geopolitical aspects, such as President Putin mentioned in the previous step 2.Sometimes it is related to business factors. People are worried that a leading technology may create a dominant supplier, which has an indispensable monopoly position.

Just when this article was paid, the so -called technical disarmament movement has begun to enter the public vision.The Italian government has announced the prohibition of the use of ChatGPT; including Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak, and Andrew Yang (Steve Wozniak, and Andrew YangPeople and investors also published an open letter calling for the suspension of the development of artificial intelligence, and pointed out the challenges brought by artificial intelligence to humans, "must not be fully thrown to non -civilian technical leaders."

You or your organization may have your own reasons to interrupt artificial intelligence development.Along with this new trend, it may make you feel that your movement is tantamount to "Lede Monster*" of that year, but in fact, it is a complete rational behavior.Human beings are still our deepest quality.The power of shaping the future is still in the hands of humans, and it should also be in the hands of humans.


"Strong and avoiding it", this is the suggestion of dealing with strong enemies in "Sun Tzu's Art of War". I think it is very exciting.For many organizations and individuals, the only reality is to stay away from artificial intelligence as much as possible.Keep miniaturization, simulation, maintain "life", maintain localization, maintain family, and maintain humanistic care.

From the perspective of a practitioner who has been in the technology industry for 40 years, the above ideas may be almost heresy, but in fact, they originated from such a cognition: Many organizations and individuals are unable to compete with machines at all.Fortunately.

From my own work alone, I feel more and more deeper that I am not as good as a robot.What I can do, the future GPT-5, GPT-6 and GPT-7 can also be done, and they are better than me.

Although many individuals and companies can use artificial intelligence to assist jobs (see step 2 and step 3), and reach a new realm of productivity, fullness and wealth value, for most people, such a future, such a futureIt is expected.

Is it going to the unpredictable future or staying in place, and make good use of the existing opportunities?To understand these possibilities requires a sober mind.At this time, the map can come in handy.

Planning value

As President Eisenhower once said, "the plan is useless, but the plan is indispensable."This suggestion is very useful, especially when facing life and death.It's such a moment.

It is not necessary to develop and grow. In the era of artificial intelligence, even if it is only survived, it is indispensable for the sensitivity, courage and ancient human wisdom.It is big.I wish you good luck and go all the way -remember to carry this guidelines for survival in the era of artificial intelligence.

This article is only used as knowledge sharing, and does not constitute or depends on investment, accounting, legal or taxation suggestions.

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