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Chapter 30 on Political Will [1]
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2024-02-10 15:06:45Chapter 30 on Political Will [1]

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In my opinion, the best way to discuss the practice of liberating political science is to put these High-speed information website

In my opinion, the best way to discuss the practice of liberating political science is to put these issues under the perspective of politics.This perspective can immediately highlight the fundamental difference between unwilling and voluntary social life dimensions, thereby helping us restore or convert the former into the latter.In the various situations it applicable, it helps to clarify the most important issues in the political practice I think: how can a dominant and oppressed group or class be liberated from oppression and obtain what they needAbility, so as to face the specific obstacles and confrontation that will encounter, conscious, conscious, and "voluntarily" determine the route of action?

The guiding ideology of this subject is that the old phrase of "people" is still the best way to cut into democracy and is the best way to distinguish between true democracy and fake democracy.Contrary to the oligopoly politics, true democracy means people's governance -the people are not a minority of privileges, but they should be understood as huge and most population.As long as the people (no matter how they elaborate or express) can overwhelm a few people who try to exploit, oppress, or deceive them, this situation is democracy.

The people and these two vague terms are difficult to give accurate definition.Although both words have revolutionary history and meaning, they are often used for reaction -in some cases and even extreme reaction -political purposes.From a separate point of view, people generally believe that the two terms are almost untenable as a political category.Especially the concept, most of the time in the 20th century, has always been the object of various philosophy and ruthless attacks. These attacks can be traced back to Heidegger's criticism of Nietzsche and in many thinkers such as Aldus, Derida, Adrid, Aditida, A -GumpThe works of Ben, Deleuze and many other people have repeatedly appeared.However, I want to say that the combination of these two terms -the idea of "people" -even if they cannot answer universal issues that most liberated political science theories need to be discussed, at least can help clarify these issues.

Compared with other more traditional ways of explaining democratic issues (such as national politics, election system, market structure, "civil society", "free value", and so on, our elders often talk about several benefits.

First, no one knows its exact meaning.In modern political theory and philosophical issues, the concept of the people may be the most blurred in all relevant basic concepts.Everyone is familiar with these two words and their combinations, but today's situation is that their significance can be described as people, especially in the past two or three decades.Essence

On the one hand, in modern political vocabulary, the diplomatic reference to the "people" has always been one of the prevailing words.In the mainstream discussion of contemporary affairs, this is usually only a symbolic affirmation of the "formal democracy" mechanism to ensure that at least the minimum opportunities when choosing a political representative.Because this choice has been controlled, any challenge is limited to the rules of existing things. Obviously, the people who respect the people are an inseparable part of the current world. This situation has lasted for a long time.Even the conservative constitution described by French writer Benjamin Constant in 1815, "recognizes the principle of people's sovereignty, that is, the public is supreme compared to the public."[2]Today, people generally believe that it is illegal to manage the people in the way of fighting against the people. There may be no modern political principles more deeper than this principle.It is in this sense that even Winston Churchill, even the oligopoly governor with noble temperament, has to obey the expression of the people[3]The President of the United States is also willing to tell them the people they ruled: they "support all people to pursue democracy." In several countries, "the people have proven to be more powerful than the dictators' laws."fake nike dunk repsJanuary 25,2011,http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2011/01/25/remarks-president-state-union-address,accessed February 2,2014.

">[4]Even by the spicy ridicule by Cornel West, "the black mascot of the Wall Street oligopoly and the black puppet of the corporate chaebol"Ljr Nike Air Force 1Truthdig May 16,2011,http://www.truthdig.com/report/print/the_obama_deception_why_cornel_west_went_ballistic_20110516,accessed February 2,2014.

The president also defines "autonomy" as "the opportunity to pursue dream life"<span style = "color: red;" onmouseover = "tip.start (this)" tips = "
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