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In the era of artificial intelligence, Shuguang was recognized again
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2024-02-21 02:44:52In the era of artificial intelligence, Shuguang was recognized again

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 Recently, the authority of authoritative media in the field of artificial intellige Emergency website

  Recently, the authority of authoritative media in the field of artificial intelligence officially announced the results of the "2023 Artificial Intelligence Annual Selection".Relying on the technological innovation and application practice results in the field of artificial intelligence, the "2023 artificial intelligence annual leading company TOP50" was selected.At the same time, Shuguang 5A -level Intelligence Center was recognized again and was rated as "TOP10 of the 2023 Outstanding Solution of the Year of the Artificial Intelligence".

  The "2023 Artificial Intelligence Annual Selection" is based on real data, combined with quantum positions to conduct in -depth research on hundreds of AI companies, and the opinions of dozens of well -known experts in industries, and comprehensively evaluate the authoritative list.The purpose is to provide a objective perspective for frontier technology innovation followers, and in -depth display of innovative practical results in the new cycle of the artificial intelligence industry.

  Zhongke Shuguang has long rooted up to computing the industry and faces the development needs of the artificial intelligence industry. It has achieved a series of breakthrough progress in the field of heterogeneous intelligent computing platforms, servers, large models, and computing power infrastructure.This time, the double prize is an authority for Shuguang as the high -quality development base of the AI industry.

  Among them, the 5A -level intellectual centers that have been rated "TOP10 of 2023 Artificial Intelligence Annual Outstanding Solution TOP10" have the five major advantages of "openness, integration, green, inclusive, and service".The artificial intelligence computing service, including industry applications, can bring new experiences that are easier, more universal, more economical, more energy -saving, and more worrying.Earlier, many honors such as "Global Digital Economy Innovation Leading Achievements" and "Highlights of Artificial Intelligence Research on the Chinese Academy of Sciences" have been successively won.

  Based on the support of advanced 5A -level intelligence centers, Shuguang also created the country's first integrated computing power service platform.Relying on the original computing power base, the platform realizes the integration of computing power, storage, network, and data of computing power, storage, networks, and data nationwide. It can provide users with more flexible computing power services and support multiple model algorithms to meet different applications between different applications.High -efficiency and convenient transplantation needs.At present, for the training requirements of AI models, the platform is the first to achieve the high -efficiency training target when calling a large number of nodes, and it has been widely landed on the frontier application scenarios such as meteorology, biology, materials, and intelligent manufacturing.

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