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China's new type of political party system: a new model of political parties in the world
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2024-02-21 04:10:31China's new type of political party system: a new model of political parties in the world

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The multi -party cooperation and political consultation system led by the Communist Party of China, 最新新闻

The multi -party cooperation and political consultation system led by the Communist Party of China, as a new type of party system in China, created a new political model of political and social life. It shows unique advantages and strong vitality in China's political and social life.The ability to modernize has played an irreplaceable role, and has also made significant contributions to the development of human political civilization.

1. Create a new type of political party system: one -party leadership, multi -party cooperation, and political consultation trio

The Chinese new type of party system is different from one -party, two -party system, and multi -party system, but a new type of party system.The Communist Party of China lives in leadership in multi -party cooperation, which is the fundamental characteristic of the Chinese new type of party system.Multi -party cooperation is the basic characteristics and essence of China's new political party system.As two forms of political negotiation and CPPCC negotiation, it is the cooperation mechanism and implementation of China's new type of political party system.This kind of new political party system that integrates leadership, cooperation and negotiations not only avoids the political turmoil caused by multi -party competition and mutual dilution, but also avoids all the disadvantages caused by one -party dictatorship and lack of supervision.The distinctive characteristics of autocracy and multi -party cooperation without competition and monitoring each other, and are unique in political party politics.

Second, create a new way of governing: the ruling party and the participating parties work together to govern the country

In the Chinese new type of party system, the one -party party of the Communist Party of China and the democratic parties and various democratic parties and multi -parties are organically combined to form a new party and regime relationship.The state power is neither a one -party party, no branches, and multi -party competition, but in turn, but the Chinese Communist Party as the ruling party and the democratic parties as participating parties to participate in the national power.Play a role.The ruling party does not compete with the opposition party, but a new way of governing the country with the participating parties. It provides a new idea and political participation model for how to understand, treat and exercise the country's public power, and handle the relationship between the ruling party and other political parties.Essence

3. Created a new political relationship: coexistence in cooperation and harmony in the middle and long -term long -term for a long time

The relationship between the Communist Party of China and the Democratic Party is different from the struggles of different political factions in the parliament. Instead, it is developed in order to achieve national independence, people's liberation, and national prosperity.New cooperation and harmonious relationships of autocracy and competitive political parties.The Democratic Party and the Communist Party of China are close friends of the Communist Party of China. In the persistence and development of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and the realization of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, they have always been together with their peers.The Communist Party of China actively creates conditions for the Democratic Party to participate in politics, and various democratic parties actively assist the ruling party to better promote the country as the people.This kind of harmonious political party relationship is undoubtedly positive for building a community of human destiny and the common nature of the world.

Fourth, create a new form of democracy: negotiation democracy and election democracy and organic combination

As the realization of the people's democracy in the process of people's democracy, the Chinese new political party system is closely related to the people's congress system and the Chinese people's political consultation conference.Different from the Western party system with elections as a new form of democratic implementation.It has formed two important forms of Chinese socialist democracy, and constitutes the people's continued process of democracy in the whole process of national management after the election vote. It is more superior and vitality than a single election democracy, and is a new effective way to achieve people's democracy.

5. Create a new modern governance method: an institutional mechanism that forms formed power condensation, policy optimization, political participation, and enhance consensus

The Chinese new type of political party system takes political consensus as a solid foundation, cooperation and consultation as a distinctive feature, and an important guarantee for institutional participation, forming a benign interaction between national governance and multi -party cooperation. It is a new governance mechanism and method.It can achieve common governance with strong political aggregation and social integration functions; integrates the collective wisdom optimization policy decision -making of the ruling party and the political party to achieve scientific governance; promote the extensive participation of members of all aspects of society to achieve democratic governance;Governance.This system is not only an important manifestation of the modernization of China's governance system and governance capabilities, but also provides a Chinese plan for modern state governance of human society.

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