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National Football Asian Cup rival assembly to train Lebanon team at the end of the month, warm -up Jordan team
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2024-02-21 10:34:28National Football Asian Cup rival assembly to train Lebanon team at the end of the month, warm -up Jordan team

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 Sports Weekly All Media Reporter Madexing report As one of the opponents of the

Sports Weekly All Media Reporter Madexing report

As one of the opponents of the Chinese Men's National Team in the Asian Cup group stage,热点新闻 the Lebanon National Team concentrated on the domestic Ripoli concentration under the command of the new head coach Ladolovich yesterday (19th) and launched the first training course.According to the latest plan, the Lebanon team will play a warm -up match with the Jordan team invited at the end of this month.



The Lebanon's domestic league ended the 11th round of horn last weekend, that is, after half of the schedule, the league was suspended.After a few days after the players rest, the Lebanon national team concentrated from yesterday (19).It is important to choose the Tripoli instead of Berurt's training. It is the venue because of the situation of Berut's stadium is not ideal, and the Tripori's municipal stadium will be the training venue of the Lebanon's domestic training.

According to the requirements, the Lebanon's previous 29 -person training list, 25 people arrived in the hotel where Ripari arrived yesterday morning.After the team's concentration, the head coach Ladolovic led all members of the coaching team and all members of the team."I returned to Lebanon this time because I was familiar with and understood the potential of everyone. I was very confident that we could reproduce the achievements we have achieved in the past.In the next few weeks, we will have a lot of work to do, so I hope that everyone can deal with a positive attitude in this team.Der Nasar emphasized at the meeting: In the future, I hope that everyone will put the interests of the team first, and must have a high degree of discipline and responsibility to face everything. "Your representative representatives mustThe Lebanon country, the Lebanon people, and those who live overseas are concerned about you, looking forward to your achievements. "

At the end of the meeting, Ladurovic said that during the training period, he would use a collective meeting and individual conversation to tell you his technical and tactical thoughts and requirements clearly, and did not mind any players being communicating and communicating with any player.During the period, different opinions and opinions are put forward.

It is reported that in the afternoon, the team went to the training venue to start the first training course.On the same day, 25 of the 29 -member training list appeared on the training ground. Four overseas players who are currently playing in European and American clubs, Muhammad Dashini and striker Leonardo Shaxing in Sweden, in Canada, in CanadaThe striker Gabriel Bitta and Daniel Martinez, who played in Mexico, were absent because they had not yet rushed back to Lebanon.But in the next few days, these people will arrive one after another.All the four players are bloody naturalized players.

It is understood that because the lights in Lebanon's domestic court are not ideal, coupled with the amount of additional costs for turning on the lights, and the Lebanon Football Association has limited funds, all training will be arranged during the day.During the entire training period, in addition to the opening of a training course on the afternoon of the 22nd of this month, it will choose to be closed at other media journalists in Lebanon's country.

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