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Investment observation of generating artificial intelligence
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2024-02-21 10:46:37Investment observation of generating artificial intelligence

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GuideThe release brings a global investment boom in generating artificial intelligence.Through inve


  The特快资讯 release brings a global investment boom in generating artificial intelligence.Through investigations, we summarized some investors' investment observations of the world's, the United States, and China in the field of generated artificial intelligence.Globally, the investment amount has increased drastically, and the number of AI unicorn has doubled; from the perspective of the United States, the first -level market is active, and many AI startups have received huge amounts of financing; from China, investors have dislatedAt present, it is gradually calm.

  So,What are the investors in the field of generating artificial intelligence?This article will analyze this problem in detail.

  In the "Genesis Artificial Intelligence and Commercial Innovation Forum", everyone generally believes that generating artificial intelligence is a very large investment opportunity. On the one hand, this technology can be applied to all walks of life, on the other handExtend the industrial chain of the infrastructure layer, model layer, middle layer and application layer.Most investors believe that this wave is similar to the mobile Internet ten years ago, and it may be born companies like bytes, Meituan, and Pinduoduo.For the development stage of this field, everyone generally believes that it is still in the early stage, and it is not a special peak investment stage.Some investors said: "Although a small number of companies also invested, the overall amount is not particularly large." Some investors said: "We are hot, but very cautious."

  The views of the global, the United States, and China in the field of production artificial intelligence are as follows.

  1. Global: The increase in investment amount, the number of AI unicorn doubles

  The release of ChatGPT brings a global AIGC investment boomEssenceAccording to CB Insights statistics, 110 venture capital transactions worldwide in 2022 are related to the concept of ChatGPT, with an investment amount of more than 2.6 billion US dollars. As of early February 2023, there are about 250 startups in the concept of ChatGPT, of which 51 % of the financing progress is in Series AOr angel wheel.According to data released by the research institution Pitchbook, in the first half of 2023, the funds of AI startups in the world exceeded $ 40 billion (about 290 billion yuan).

  From the perspective of the number of unicorn, the number of unicorn related unicorn in the world in the first half of 2023 doublesEssenceIn 2022, the global AIGC unicorns include Open AI, Hugging Face, Lightricks, Jasper, GLEAN and Stability AI. According to extraordinary research statistics, as of June 2023, the number of global AIGC unicorn has increased to 29.

  2. The United States: Active market is active, and many AI startups have received huge amounts of financing

  American AIGC investment field is very activeEssenceIn the first half of 2023, Silicon Valley completed a total of 42 financing in the field of artificial intelligence, with a total amount of about$ 14 billionThe average rotation financing amount is$ 330 millionIt is nearly 13 times that of the average financing level.In the survey, investors believe that "they do dare to smash money."In addition to the well -known OpenAI, Anthropic and Inflection AI, the main companies also have ADEPT developed virtual AI robot assistants, focusing on the Cohere of B -side enterprises, Langchain focusing on open source AI tool packs, and so on.Whether in the infrastructure layer, model layer, middle layer, or application layer, AIGC's entrepreneurship and investment are in full swing.

  There are many genetic artificial intelligence startups in the United States have received huge amounts of financing.OpenAI's cumulative financing of over 11.5 billion US dollars and a valuation of 27-29 billion U.S. dollars; Anthropic's cumulative financing of US $ 1.45 billion and a valuation of over 4 billion U.S. dollars; Inflection AI's cumulative financing of 1.525 billion US dollars, a valuation of over 4 billion U.S. dollars; COHEHERE's cumulative financing of 445 million yuanUS dollars, valuations of US $ 2.12 billion; ADEPT cumulatively raised $ 415 million, with a valuation of over 1 billion US dollars.

  3. China: Investors from caught off guard, to coaxing, now gradually calm down

  Judging from the situation in China, it was initially caught off guard. Once ChatGPT was released, it caused widespread attention and discussion.Some investors lamented: "Everyone isBe overwhelmed, Chinese entrepreneurs, Chinese entrepreneurs, Chinese investors have shocked a littleA little stunnedEveryone is a bit overwhelming."

  Prior to the release of ChatGPT, the investment focus of various investment institutions focused on new energy, automobiles, semiconductor chips and other fields.Many investment institutions now think that AIGC has a lot of investment opportunitiesEssenceDuring our investigation, some investment institutions believed: "We believe this is a 10 -year theme. The gold content of this theme is equivalent to the mobile Internet 10 years ago. ... We can see that these phenomena represent AI into a new new one."Era." Some investment institutions said that the capital market is now blindly attracting AIGC, but the price piled up at the current blind stage is 1 billion US dollars, which is the highest blind price in the business society in the history of China.Of course, some investors are relatively calm and believe that there will not be a large investment popularity as the previous round of mobile Internet. He only pays attention to investment projects that can truly realize commercialization.

  From the perspective of the investment entity, the US dollar funds and Internet manufacturers dare to shot even more.According to the "Science and Technology Board Daily" report, most of the funds that joined AIGC's gold rush fever come from USD funds, such as MINIMAX's attention in the capital market, including IDG Capital, Gaoma Venture Capital, Yun Qi Capital, etc.EssenceIn the interview, some investors also said that most of the AIGC model startups are still the US dollar funds.

  From the perspective of the Internet factory, Tencent's investment in MINIMAX and deeply said technology has reached tens of millions of dollars; Baidu has invested in West Lake Xinchen and Shengshi Technology;Among the hundreds of millions of yuan of B-2 rounds of financing of the spectrum, Meituan is an exclusive strategic investor; in June 2023, Meituan also announced that it would acquire light years for a total price of US $ 285 million.

  However, after many investors flocked and formed a high investment popularity, everyone gradually became calm, and the investment popularity will also decline.

  In the survey, some investors said: "From the 10 -year point of view, it should be cold once or twice. From the perspective of the mobile Internet, it is not uniformly distributed in a 10 -year period.It appeared in the first three years. "Some respondents thought that the investment in the investment would decline very quickly." I think China may be not far away. There may be a trough from the end of this year to next year. In fact, there are not so much money. "

  After more than half a year of the AIGC boom, some AI startups have difficulty in financing difficulties.According to a news released by Forbes, the unicorn "Star Company" Stability AI with a valuation of 1 billion US dollars, its founder not only exaggerated the company's income, its subsequent financing was not smooth, but it only expressed "success".Therefore, both entrepreneurs and investors need to think objectively and calmly to think about the development opportunities of AIGC.



  ChatGPT has triggered a global boom of artificial intelligence. From the global perspective, the investment amount has increased sharply, and the number of AI unicorn has doubled.The first -level market in the United States is very active, and many startups have received huge financing.From the perspective of China, everyone was a little caught off guard at the beginning, and then they went up to follow up and study this field, but they were more cautious when investing.

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