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Jingbo Lake Binghuo Fantasy World debut
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2024-02-21 02:49:36Jingbo Lake Binghuo Fantasy World debut

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At 16:16 on December 31, 2023, the launching ceremony of the Binghuo Binghuo World of Jingbo Lake w Popular news sites

  At 16:16 on December 31, 2023, the launching ceremony of the Binghuo Binghuo World of Jingbo Lake was held in the "North Gate Snow Castle -Fantasy Ice and Snow Area" in the Jingbo Lake Scenic Area.Along with the brilliant fireworks, the Binghuo Fantasy World in Jingbo Lake officially appeared.


  Xue castle night scene

  This winter, in order to continuously cultivate special brands of winter ice and snow tourism in Jingbo Lake, help the high -quality development of Mudanjiang ice and snow tourism industry.The advantages of the original ecological ice and snow resources such as waterfalls, innovative planning and launching the Xingbo Lake ice and fire dream world, through "ice and snow+interaction", "ice and snow+technology", "ice and snow+culture", etc., Open a new "Ice and Fire" happy ice and snow feast for tourists.



  It is understood that the total area of the Binghu Lake Ice and Fire Fantasy World project covers an area of about 300,000 square meters, with a snow amount of 40,000 cubic meters and an ice amount of 8,000 cubic meters.With the Chanpo Lake International Winter Capture Festival as the core, a large-scale winter catcher performing arts are carried out every day; a fog landscape road from the north gate of the Jingbo Lake Scenic Area to the hanging water tower waterfall;Fantasy Ice and Snow Area "" Dangshui Tower Waterfall-Magic Ice Waterfall Area "and" Wharf Square-Fantasy Ice Lake District "three core theme tour areas.


  The scenic area is full of popularity

  The 23rd Snow Castle Park in the Fantasy Ice Snow Area is based on the cultural elements of the ancient Bohai ancient country. With the architecture of the Jiuta Shuanglong, the overall show of the Snow Kingdom of the Bohai Sea;How does the volcano form the story orientation of Jingbo Lake? The volcanic ice valley shaped the magic punch scene. The huge moonlight stands above the cliff of the ice waterfall, and the ice waterfall reflects each other.The Binghu District is a landmark landscape with a height of about 28.5 meters of "ice tower+ice shell" building, relying on the big ice lake to fully highlight the prosperous scene of winter capture performances and ice and snow carnival entertainment.At the same time, create five highlights of the "Manchu Folk experience hall", "Dongzhu Cultural Life Museum", "Jingbo Lake IP Fun Museum", "Jingbo Lake Cloud Tour Museum", "Jingbo Lake Agricultural Museum", as well as a variety of types of cultural vendorsThe service format, such as old Beijing sugar people, folk drama, Yehenara's yellow rice crickets, Niuchi Lu's royal dining room, mirror boco ice room, etc., there are more than dozens of snow, ice entertainment projects, etc.

  At the event site, tourists followed the music near the big stage to dance with music, buy a cultural and creative ice cream, and taste a bunch of rock sugar gourds, which can feel the charm of ice and snow tourism in winter."Dad, do you know what the characteristics of the Northeast are? This time I know, it is frozen pear, frozen persimmons, and ice sculptures and snow castles!" Children from Guangzhou walked with my dad to share their gains.

  At the event site, the reporter met tourists from Hebei. Their family came to Jingbo Lake for the first time. They said, "Jingbo Lake is beautiful, the meals are delicious, and the performance is also wonderful.! "

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