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National Football Team Ashibi Training Make up for Xu Xin, Li Ke leaves the team to miss the Asian Cup
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2024-02-21 03:34:30National Football Team Ashibi Training Make up for Xu Xin, Li Ke leaves the team to miss the Asian Cup

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Beijing News (Reporter Zhou Xiao) In order to prepare for the Asian Cup in Qatar next January, the Chinese men's football team went to Abu Dhabi, UAE.On December 20, the team members were fine -tuned. The naturalized player Li Ke left the team due to family reasons.

After long -distance flight and bus transfer, Guo Suo arrived in the residents in Abu Dhabi in the early morning of the 19th local time. Wei Shihao, Jiang Guangtai, Wang Qiubi and Li Ke were allowed to report to Shanghai with the team permit.The UAE meets with the team.

Starting from the 19th, the national football team entered the rhythm of two days a day to reserve physical fitness for subsequent technical and tactical drills.However, the training lineup on the 20th changed, Li Ke left the team due to family reasons.It is understood that he is likely to miss the Asian Cup next month.The coaching team made up for Xu Xin to join the team. According to the team's requirements, Xu Xin needed to arrive at the National Point to report before 8:30 on the 22nd local time.

According to the training plan, the National Football Team will continue until January 7 next year, and during this period, there will be 4 warm -up games.The two games finalized by the team in December were against a local second league team on the 25th and warm -up with the Alman on the 29th.

While the national football team opened overseas training, the national Olympic team prepared for the U23 Asian Cup and Paris Olympic Games next year to train in Shanghai.On the afternoon of December 23 and 26, the National Olympic team will play two warm -up games with the visiting Malaysian Olympic Olympic Games to test the training results at this stage.

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