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Huishang Gathering: How to help Anhui's new industrialization high -quality development
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2024-02-21 03:04:08Huishang Gathering: How to help Anhui's new industrialization high -quality development

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 Dahui News News  Huishang big coffee, small and medium -sized enterprises, government leaders, 今日头条

Dahui News News  Huishang big coffee, small and medium -sized enterprises, government leaders, academicians of the two houses, top experts ... On the afternoon of December 20, as one of the 2023 Huishang help Anhui High -quality Development Conference and the Establishment of Huishang Federation, the parallel forum was established.Hosted by the Science and Technology Department and the Anhui Provincial State -owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, HKUST Xunfei and Antelope Industry Internet organized the "General Artificial Intelligence Aid New Industrialization High -quality Development Conference" in Hefei, which attracted many industry coffees to the scene.Trends, we will discuss how to accelerate the innovation of GM's artificial intelligence scene, help new industrialization high -quality development, and promote the digital transformation of Huishang enterprises.

Government: Create typical application scenarios in the fields of new energy vehicles, humanoid robots

General artificial intelligence is a subversive technological change, which is expected to reshape the industrial form and competitive pattern.The reporter learned from the meeting that Anhui will accelerate the promotion of the new type of industrialization of general artificial intelligence and deeply empowerment.

It is understood that Anhui will strengthen key core technology research, continuously consolidate the general artificial intelligence technology base, and maintain the leading advantage of technology.At the same time, the general artificial intelligence model and the industrial Internet platform are embedded into the embedded coupling, promote the integrated application of artificial intelligence technology in the entire process of manufacturing, and promote the "intellectual change" of key industries.

In addition, Anhui will also deeply cultivate the vertical application of the industry to create typical application scenarios in the areas of new energy vehicles, humanoid robots.And accelerate the cultivation of a number of industry leading heads and new small and medium -sized enterprises, create a good innovation and development ecosystem, and make every effort to create a global influential source of artificial intelligence science and technology innovation and emerging industries.

Academician: Fully attack and strive to make global contributions

Yang Shanlin, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, gave a keynote speech on the title of "AIGC's Scientific Basic and Application Outlook".

He believes that artificial intelligence can play an increasing role in scientific discovery, technical invention, and engineering practice, which has a profound impact on economic, social, and even national security."We must strive to make global contributions in this field in accordance with the development laws of science and technology strategic supply chains."

Expert: Let small and medium -sized enterprises enjoy a lower cost and intelligent transformation

Huang Bin, Executive Deputy Dean of the National Research Institute of Economics, shared the results of the "Star Fire Model Promoting the Deep Integration of Deep Integration Development Property Test Report".Innovate and accelerate development.

Taking the difficulty of transforming SMEs as an example, you can refer to the model of the digital software tool package of the antelope platform. By integrating the digital tools to the industry public platform, and through the government procurement, subsidy consumption and other modelsThe low -code advantage of the model reduces the development cost of digital tools, and promotes small and medium -sized enterprises to digital and intelligent transformation at lower costs.

Huishang: I am confident to make the GM's large model of artificial intelligence in China first

As a representative of the Hui businessmen, Liu Qingfeng, chairman of HKUST News, spoke around the topic of "high -quality development of new industrialization" in general artificial intelligence.Liu Qingfeng believes that the 7 core capabilities of GM artificial intelligence can bring fundamental changes, knowledge acquisition methods, and fundamental changes in human -machine interaction, bringing a complete subversion of many tasks such as scientific research and code.All aspects of "Research and Marketing Service" of industrial enterprises.

Liu Qingfeng shared the Fiexing Fire Consular model that is fully empowering the practice of all walks of life, such as: petrochemical safety testing from 5 hours to 20 minutes, and 200,000 lines of code transplantation from 3 months to 1 month.The proportion of complicated bank customer service mission robots has increased from 20%to 95%, and the efficiency of thesis study is 10 times ...

According to reports, HKUST Xunfei and Huawei jointly developed the first domestic 10 -card standard computing platform in China.Liu Qingfeng said that on the soil in Anhui, he is confident to make the GM's big model in China, and closely target the best platform in the world, and continuously achieves from chasing to surpassing on the independent and controllable platforms.

The new type of industrialization "Hui Commercial Bank" activity was launched

At the meeting, antelope industry Internet signed contracts with about 20 ecological manufacturers, deepened cooperation, and helped small and medium -sized enterprises digital transformation and upgrading.

At the same time, the new industrialized "Hui Commercial Bank" activity has also been officially launched. It will gather the long triangle and even the global Huishang forces to promote the high -quality development of the new industrialization of Anhui new industrialization in general artificial intelligence.Provide new engines in high -level innovative -type provinces in the country's first array.

Dahui News reporter Xiang Lei

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