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 About the paradise ticket on December 31stTourists holding the park tickets on DeceCurrent affairs hot websites
 About the paradise ticket on December 31st
Tourists holding the park tickets on December 31, 2023 can be from January 8, 2024 (including that day) to July 7, 2024 (including that day).: After 00, visit Shanghai Disneyland, no need to make an appointment in advance*.When visiting again:
-The tourists who buy tickets to enter the park with ID card must show the original identity document used at the park at the entrance of the paradise at the gate of the park in the park in exchange for the ticket of the day in exchange for the day of the day.All the accompanying tourists of the ticket must enter the park at the same time as the holder of the document.
-The tourists who enter the park with a non -associated ID ticket, please go to the tourist service center and present the park paper ticket on December 31, 2023 for the ticket of the day.

Tickets for visiting Japan only include paradise tickets, and do not include other rights bound to tickets before.

Still problems or need to contact us?
Visitors can contact the Shanghai Disney Resort Reservation Service Center: 400-180-0000 (Mainland China) or+86-21-3158-0000 (other countries/regions) for consultation.In the case of the service center, there are many tourists and the waiting time is long. We recommend that you send an email to [email protected], leave your phone number and other contact information, and we will process your email as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding!

*根据上海迪士尼乐园现行的客流管理政策,如在基于政府指导的replica sneakers最大承载量要求下遇“大客流日”,且务必采取相关限流措施时,LJR Shoes所有持非指定日票的游客,LJR Jordan包括此次The specified daily ticket delay may not be able to enter the park that day.Shanghai Disneyland will release relevant information to the outside world through the official platform of the resort.

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