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Liufu Group will win the "Business Law" Corporate Legal Award 2023 Award in the next city.
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2024-02-21 04:05:04Liufu Group will win the "Business Law" Corporate Legal Award 2023 Award in the next city.

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 (December 20, 2023) ─ Liufu Group (International) Co., Ltd. (Liufu/Group) happily annou 火速资讯

(December 20, 2023) ─ Liufu Group (International) Co., Ltd. (Liufu/Group) happily announced that the group has won the top Asian legal journal "China Business Law Journal) to issue the" Commercial Law "Enterprise Legal Award 2023 Award.EssenceThese include six team awards: the annual excellent legal team (champion) -The intellectual property (trademark), excellent legal team-intellectual property (copyright), excellent commissioned team-intellectual property (patent), excellent law team-Intellectual property (controversy (controversyExecutive), Excellent Legal Team-Consumer Products and Retails (Excellent Legal Team-Anti-Corporation and Anti-Corruption); and Five Personal Awards won by Ms. Zhang Yaling, a senior legal consultant of the group: Excellent Legal Award-Intellectual Property (Trademark), Excellent Legal Award-Intellectual Property (Copyright), Excellent Legal Award-Intellectual Property (Patent), Excellent Legal Award-Consumer Products and Retail and Outstanding Legal Awards-Anti-Bribble and Anti-Corruption to recognize the group's outstanding work in legal knowledge and professionalismPerformance.


Mr. Huang Weichang, chairman and chief executive of Liufu Group, said: (We are very happy to get eleven claims in the group's team of the Legal Department of the Group, and the industry has high evaluation and extensive approval of its legal knowledge and professionalism.Intellectual property, anti -bribery, and anti -corruption legal professional level. The change of the times has made the business activities changing rapidly.Legal knowledge and team benefits to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the group's global business.)


The Group attaches great importance to intellectual property rights, trademarks, and brand protection. With the active cooperation of the group's business team, the Ministry of Justice has successfully objected to more than 1,000 similar infringement trademarks and more than 1,000 infringing jewelry stores to maintain the group's brand image.In addition, the Ministry of Justice actively resolved potential disputes about labor, providing legal opinions on different cases, and reducing the risk of employment of corporate workers.


"China Business Law Journal" is a well -known business legal information media in Asia.The selection of the "Business Law" Enterprise Legal Awards is based on the company's legal consultant team in legal knowledge, work efficiency and creativity, team thickness and strength, involving different judicial jurisdiction, practicing fields and industry fieldsMultiple aspects are reviewed.


Awarded photos:



The Group won the prize of eleven awards



The Group's Outstanding Legal Department team won six group awards


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Relevant Liufu Group (International) Co., Ltd.


Liufu Group is mainly engaged in the procurement, design, wholesale, trademark authorization and retail business of various types of yellow and platinum jewelry and jewelry products. At present, there are about 3,300 retail points in eleven countries and regions.The Group will continue to use new business opportunities in the international market to cooperate with the corporate vision of (Hong Kong brand -brand • International interpretation).

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