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Luchuangli Black Elf Spectra Pro China debuts to create a laser that understands Asians better
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2024-02-21 10:36:27Luchuangli Black Elf Spectra Pro China debuts to create a laser that understands Asians better

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Recently, the international innovative medical laser company Lu Chuangli, the ace product, Black El

Recently,Breaking news website the international innovative medical laser company Lu Chuangli, the ace product, Black Elf Spectra Pro, was released in China for the first time.It is reported that this is the only medical laser device that is approved by NMPA, FDA, and CE at the same time.

The Black Elf SPECTRA PRO launch conference was held in the four cities of Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, and Shenyang. At present, it has successfully completed the release of Shanghai and Guangzhou Station.

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The Shanghai Publication Conference takes advantage of the Dongfeng of the "Application of Optoelectronics Technology in the Treatment of Meat" at the Ninth People's Hospital of Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine. With the strong support of the leaders of Shengkang Group, with the support of the leaders of Shengkang Group, with the support of the leaders of Shengkang GroupThe professional and warm platform of the hospital kicked off.

The conference of Guangzhou Station is located on the beautiful pearl water.Witness the sailing of this black elves together.Two cities are exciting.

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Comprehensive upgrade, reconstruction of the second -level laser technology revolution

Ms. Ren Ying, the general manager of Lu Chuangli China, said at the press conference that Luchuangli's Spectra series products have been continuously developed and innovated after 24 years.The former dazzling muscle light SPECTRA 2020 of the Black Elf Spectra Pro, who won the excellent innovation project of the top ten innovative projects of Plastic Surgery Medicine in July 2022.This time, after the change of the 7th generation of products, the newly -produced Black Elf Spectra Pro continues to break through, iterates and self -innovation at the nan second laser technology level, and the comprehensive upgrade of core patented technology not only provides clinicians with more efficient multifunctional laser laserThe platform also pays more attention to the combination of the skin characteristics of Asians to meet the demands of beauty seekers more accurately.

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In this upgrade, Luchuangli Black Elf Spectra Pro brought the unique "dual light shock" technology in the world. Under the high energy impact of light, light vibration+light shock waves can produce obvious tissue vibration, and the emission emittedVibration source induces wound healing reactions to generate collagen regeneration.Because the ordinary Q laser and ordinary leather second laser in the market cannot generate light shock waves, this revolutionary new freckle new technology has formed an effective market supplement, bringing good picoseconds to the beauty seekers, and surpassing ordinary ordinary people, and surpassing ordinary ordinary people.Experience experience of leather pose.

At the same time, the four -child pulse mode PTP+of Lu Chuangli Black Elf SPECTRA PRO, different pulse width mode also generate mechanical effects and thermal effects, which can effectively target different volumes, depth, type pigments, soft damage to the pigment, and through collagen, and through collagen proteinReshape prevention recurrence.The four -child pulse mode has greatly improved the comfort used, and is very friendly to dry sensitive muscles.

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The relevant person in charge of Luchuangli introduced: "Smart ultra -flat optical spots ™ high -quality and stable 1064 & 532 NM light spots, compared with other devices, causing the risk of PIH to the least;Sound pressure; the shortest thermal effect of the minimum true 5 NS pulse width, can give the most efficient and safe treatment for various pigment problems, the treatment head of multi -layer focusing matrix can truly achieve precise anti -aging, the four -child pulse PTP+™ can reduce treatmentThe number of times is to reduce the risk of pigmentation rebound. "In short, the Black Elf Spectra Pro, as the current top of the Q -laser classics, is designed to create a laser that understands Asians, covering full layer of skin, realizing refined and personalized skin skin solutionsTailor -made, exhausted the color spots and aging."

Industry experts attended all to witness the launch of flagship products

At the Shanghai press conference on December 10, Professor Yao Min, a doctoral instructor Yao Min, the leader of the Laser Laser Team of the Ninth People's Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University Medical College, served as the chairman of the conference;Mr. Director Dong Jiying, the head of the Surgery Optoelectronics Professional Team, and Mr. Ding Yadong, deputy general manager of Shanghai Rose Medical Aesthetic Hospital, served as a special guest at the conference.

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Director Dong Jiying analyzed the technical advantages of the Black Elf Spectra Pro from an academic and clinical perspective.Dean Ding Yadong delivered a wonderful speech, blessing Lu Chuangli, a black elixir Spectra Pro to achieve better market performance in the future.At the same time, in the two -day study class, the trainees also systematically learned the principles and practical operations of the Black Elves SPECTRA PRO. The entire listing activities were full of academic atmosphere, and the students had a lot of gains.

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On December 16th, the Guangzhou press conference adopted a dinner discussion in the Pearl River Night Tour. The guests gathered together.Dean Wang Hongjun, the founder of Shenzhen Union Lig, Dean Liang Jie, Dean of Guangzhou Huayang Medical Beauty Clinic, Mr. Jin Sangfeng, Operation Director of Medical Investment Co., Ltd. of Medical Nest (Hangzhou), editor of Meishang You Media, Editor, Foshan CityMr. Wang Chunhui, an executive director of the Co., Ltd., and other industry experts and guests, as the Black Elf Spectra Pro Kaishi Kaiji's witness, all witnessed the launch of the new flagship product of Lu Chuangli Black Elf SPECTRA PRO.

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From the perspective of professional institutions and experts, development is the eternal theme of human society, and it is also an important ruler of the progress of the times.Nowadays, the world's medical field is also developing rapidly, and the technology of the medical beauty industry needs to be continuously upgraded and innovated, which is increasingly meeting the needs of more and more diversified and personalized needs.

The innovation and upgrading brought by the Lutchida Black Elf SPECTRA Pro is the most attractive institution and expert attention is that it is more extensive, secure, efficient, and economical in clinical applications."If you want to be good, you must first benefit your instrument." For professional doctors, reliable laser platforms bring the safety, efficacy bonus of treatment, and the trust of customers.In terms of word of mouth, Luchuang Li's equipment has always performed well.

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From the perspective of investment value, Luchuangli Black Elf Spectra Pro is quite competitive.According to incomplete statistics, the problem of rough blackheads, rough pores, and acne scars incidence among people aged 18-55 up to 87%. For such problems, various solutions in the market are endless.EssenceLuchuangli Black Elf SPECTRA PRO is aimed at this kind of market with clear demands and huge potential, and can achieve small costs and large costs for professional medical and beauty institutions.Therefore, it is particularly suitable for light medicine and beauty, start -up institutions, and entrepreneurial doctors.In the future, the high cost -effectiveness, good clinical word -of -mouth will inevitably make the new Spectra Pro a leader in the era of the rear stage.


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